Usage of 25:00 and 27:00 as times for Japanese programme scheduling

I was watching some promos for various anime to figure out what I’d like to pick up for this season, when I noticed that showtimes are sometimes written with numbers bigger than 24 for the hour.

4月15日 24:00
4月15日 25:00
4月17日 27:30

Am I correct in assuming this means it converts this way?
4月15日 24:00 > 4月15日 midnight/12am
4月15日 25:00 > 4月16日 1am
4月17日 27:30 > 4月18日 3:30am

And is this used very commonly, or is a niche thing for list the timings of TV shows and other similar things?


Well, that would be 4月16日 midnight/12am


You’ll also see it on shop open times in Japan like they’ll have 08:00-26:00 meaning they are open til 2am but it’s still considered the same day or open period


Ah, yup yup, very true.

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I never thought of it that way! I always thought it was just a weird Japan quirk but that’s quite elegant.

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