Is this normal? 25:00?

On this radio instead of 00:30-01:00, the time is written as in the picture…

Is this normal for Japan?



Yes, completely. Basically all TV schedules do that. I’ve never heard an explanation of why they do it though.


Ah, I see! I haven’t watch TV past 00:00 yet. Thank you.


Lol reminds me of a series I read as a kid called The Midnighters Trilogy. Exact same concept.

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Smt/persona references always get a +1 from me :heart_eyes:


Times past midnight can also be counted past the 24 hour mark, usually when the associated activity spans across midnight. For example, bars or clubs may advertise as being open until “30時” (i.e. 6 am). This is partly to avoid any ambiguity (6 am versus 6 pm), partly because the closing time is considered part of the previous business day, and perhaps also due to cultural perceptions that the hours of darkness are counted as part of the previous day, rather than dividing the night between one day and the next. Television stations will also frequently use this notation in their late-night scheduling. This 30-hour clock form is rarely used in conversation.


Aye. Train timetables do it too.


I’ve seen that a lot in business closing times as well - it indicates that it’s an extension of the previous business day.

I know in logkeeping at a previous job, even though it was around the clock, we’d log close-out type actions related to the previous day in that days logs at or past 2400, while things related to the next day would be in the next day’s logs starting at 0000. It makes it easier to look up later without getting another set of paper logs out, and easier to keep “per day” type statistics. Like sometimes we’ll still count something after Oct 1 as part of the previous fiscal year if it used last year’s money. In the computer age, i don’t think it matters as much, but it’s a hold-over habit. If they consider a “programming day” to last until after midnight, it sorts better if you don’t start the numbering over in the middle.


Thanks all!

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