Suggestion: change the review forecast to 24 hour format

I find the 24h format a lot easier to relate to, and it’s a lot less ambiguous than the 12h format, especially so for 12pm and 12am. I know that the 12h format is a lot easier to use when talking, as one can just say noon, midnight or specify morning/afternoon, but the 24h format is a lot easier in writing form and don’t require any weird conventions.


This also got me curious, is there a standard numerical format to write midday and midnight in Japanese? I saw this post about how time in the 0h-6h span can be written as 24h-30h to make it clearer, but I couldn’t find something about noon itself.


This would be quite an easy feature to add, and allow users to select the display format for Review Forecast, and potentially for general display format for anything related to the SRS schedule. It would be on par with the existing feature of selecting one’s timezone.

I second this feature request. It can be left as 12h format for existing users, and perhaps by default for future users, but allow users to select their preferred time format in settings, between 12h (1 to 12, am/pm) and 24h (0 to 23) formats.


12:00 and 0:00?

It’s 午前0時 after all.

Not 午前12時?

You mean for midnight?

午前12時 and 午後0時 make sense for 12:00pm.

Wait, I guess we do say 12:00 pm and 12:00am…

Even though it’s after 11am and after 11pm.


As I have no intuition for 12AM/PM values, am I correct in assuming that 午前0時 means both noon (12h) and midnight (0h)?

No, no.

As I say here, 12 pm comes after 11 am, so 午前12時 makes sense.

It’s also before 1 pm, so 午後0時 makes sense.

Since midnight is before 1 am, this makes sense.

You could argue for using 午後12時, but I’ve never seen that. Though it shows up online, usually in sites explaining how time works. :sweat_smile:

I agree that this is a setting that should be available in the core WK, but until then I’d recommend the following script:

[Userscript] WK Review Forecast Clock Style


Is it bad if I say that I’m even more confused? haha English is not my first language, and we don’t use AM/PM where I’m from.

So in 24h format using 午◯◯時 notation, both 午後0時 and 午前12時 can mean 12h while only 午前0時 can be used for 0h, right?

Damn, thank you very much! I feel so silly for not searching for a userscript first

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That does explain it. Thanks!

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No worries!

Chances are that if you’ve ever felt that something is missing or could be improved, someone has experienced this as well.

Goes for both WK and life in general! :wink:

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Yes, but don’t worry about it too much. :slight_smile:

The only one you really need to learn is 午前0時.


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