Confused about the 'Japanese Date' in an article

I’m currently reading this article and I’m confused at the way the timing of the events in it is described:


Given that they use no particles for the time, I assume they’re either saying the the thing happened two days ago or on march 2. That’s not my main question though.

My main question is: what is the 日本時間 they mention in the parentheses? It’s not about the timezone since a timezone difference wouldn’t change the day the thing happened, so what can this ‘japanese time’ mean?

Why wouldn’t it? It’s the second here in the US right now, but it’s already the third in Japan


The announcement happend on the second in local russian time of st petersburg. If you convert it to japanese time the announcement was on the third since japan is in front of the st petersburg time zone (I think 6 hours). So the announcement must have happend some time in the evening in st petersburg.

The announcment announces a stop from the 4th.

Hope that helps


They announced it on the 2nd (by local time), but it was the 3rd in Japan.


Though Japan’s only six hours ahead of St Petersburg, so they must have announced it fairly late at night…


I guess I did undereatimate by a lot the time zone difference. It does actually make a lot of sense! Thank you all for your patience with my slow brain… :joy::sweat_smile:


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