Is 午後 or PM more common?

I was watching a documentary and in it there was a letter written in Japanese, but that’s not so important except that at the end of the letter it was signed and dated and had written “PM 12:45”. So I was wondering, how common is it to write AM and PM in Japanese? And are they still pronounced ごご and ごぜん or are they pronounced in a katakana way (if you know what i mean)?

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In my experience (I worked abroad in Tokyo for a few years and based on my own interactions with friends and colleagues), AM / PM were usually just written down because I think it’s easier but people still say ごご and ごぜん when referring to the times. Also it depends if you’re going by the 12-hour clock or 24-hour clock. If you’re going by the 12 hour clock then you might need to specify the time of day like we do in English but with a 24 hour you don’t need to. As we know kanji is super hard and even my own friends have said thanks to computers it’s gotten easier to forget how to write some characters by hand. So they write things in English if it’s easier like AM/PM.


Thanks you. That makes a lot of sense

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