Upcoming promo code?

I’m finally ready to commit to the crabigator. I want to buy the lifetime subscription, but I’m kinda tight on money right now. Is there a holiday promo code coming up?

There has been in previous years, but they don’t say anything about it before it becomes available.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll wait and see if there is one in the coming weeks.

While acknowledging that nothing is confirmed until they announce it, you might find it helpful to know that in the past lifetime has been discounted from $300 to $200 dollars in the sale.

The other subscription models have not had a sale.

They will deduct any money left on a monthly / yearly plan (pro rata) when you buy lifetime though, so if you know you will be buying lifetime but want to keep using WK in the meantime, you could consider buying a month’s subscription (once you reach level 4) anyway.


It usually starts around New Year’s Day.

Earlier than that. I got discounted lifetime on December 18th last year.

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Koichi already baited about the discount this past month or so.

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Okay… I found the announcement from last year:


I sure hope so, because I plan on buying!

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I asked them on Twitter a few days ago, and there will be sale. The exact dates are unannounced though.

See: https://twitter.com/WaniKaniApp/status/1069645328108838912


a little birdy told me that today is the day :wink:


Wait what?!!? You can talk to animals? :open_mouth:


I hope the do the monthly promo code again.

Anyone have a subscription promo code to share, please? Considering the annual memberships.

There are no public promo codes unfortunately. You could always try emailing them to ask, but there’s no guarantee they’d give you a discount.

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