The 2017-2018 WaniKani Lifetime Sale


Merry Crabsmas (or whatever crab/alligator-related holiday you and your family celebrates).

It’s that once-per-year time again, where we put WaniKani Lifetime subscriptions on sale. The discounted price comes to $199 (around 33% off). The sale will run from December 18, 2017 - January 8, 2018.

(In a cheesy voice) But that’s not all, if you are a monthly or yearly subscriber, any unused time will be prorated towards the upgrade. Basically, if you have a current subscription going, upgrading to Lifetime be less than $199. You can see an estimated total discount on the subscription page. Just choose the Lifetime option and scroll down.

:crabigator: See your WaniKani Lifetime Discount :crabigator:

In addition, you will get a purple color around your level icon in the forums. I only mention this because there are people out there who will upgrade only for this. We’ll take it, I guess.

And hey, thank you all for using WaniKani and making all of our shenanigans possible. We all really appreciate it and seeing you all learning so much kanji warms our cold, cold hearts :snowflake::heart:

If you have any questions, feel free to post here or shoot us an email.

Let’s all work hard and learn a tonne (that there was for all our European friends who send in correct answer alternative spellings) in 2018!

Upcoming promo code?

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Well howdy, Mr. Koichi sir, how has the old crabbigator been lately?




No one with art as amazing as yours could have a cold heart.



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The crabigator of the current cycle is certainly getting old, but when you all burn enough turtles it will be born anew.

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Ah there’s the sale I’ve been waiting for. I’d paid 7 months at Monthly so I’m only saving about $30 over having gone lifetime from the start, but it’s nice to be able to do the upgrade without it increasing the overall cost. And now I never need to worry about what happens if I slow down to want to stick around for a while after I’m done.


My level counter is now a pretty colour!

Was hoping for a sale. Thanks so much guys.


Thanks so much for the sale guys, I’m now a lifer! :slight_smile:


In too deep to get the lifetime subscription.




I just upgraded to lifetime. I’ve been using WaniKani for a year now and am level 34. But I slowed down after level 25 and will likely slow down again to refocus on grammar and reading. So I figure it’s still worth it.


Finally got the lifetime! Wohoo! Thank you for the sale, guys! <3


Yé, I hope money gonna fall from sky !


See, I want to get this. Especially given my two weeks-per level leveling speed!

But part of me fears that the moment I buy it, my brain will go into procrastination mode having lost the impetus of a monthly fee, ensuring that I don’t get my money’s worth. I will have as good as doomed my learning experience!

Choices, choices.


Ahh I should probably become a lifetime member, seeing how my progress has slowed down :’) But

I fear the same, haha.

Speaking of Merry Crabsmas times, did no one organise a WaniKani Secret Santa this year?? I had fun doing it last year! Probably a bit late to be asking though.