Any Holiday Promotion / Discount coming soon for Premium?

Hello everyone! 今日は! So I started using WaniKani last month and I LOVE IT. It has been so effective especially since I am trying to learn Japanese on my own. I am now reaching the end of Level 3 so I am looking at the subscription options to upgrade to premium. I was wondering if anyone knows if they will do some sort of Holiday promotion/discount for the longer subscriptions? In that case I would wait for those promotions rather than getting them now. I tried asking them on twitter and they told me “maybe” haha.
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Let me know if you know anything!

Thank you! ありがとうございます!

A keen Japanese student.


The 30% off lifetime subscription sale should be starting soon

There is usually no sale for the other subscriptions.

Hi and welcome to WaniKani! :sparkles: :crabigator: :sparkles: Don’t think I’ve seen you before but sorry if that’s a bit belated… :blush:

They never confirm whether the sale is happening or not until it happens, so none of us here can give you confirmation that’s any more official! That said, there has been a sale every year so far, so it seems likely that the same will happen this year (probably within the next week?).

In the past, they’ve discounted lifetime membership from $300 to $200. The other subscription models have not been reduced.

It might also be worth knowing that they will subtract any ‘leftover’ time on existing subscriptions pro-rata if you upgrade. So if you go from a yearly subscription to lifetime and have 6 months of your yearly subscription left, they will take off $45 (i.e. half of the yearly subscription) when you purchase lifetime. So if you’re intending to keep using WaniKani there’s no harm buying one month now ^^


They’ve actually already confirmed it’s happening:


Nobody told me :cry:

why you break my heart WK

Don’t feel too bad @Radish8. I haven’t gotten the email either :cry: You’re not alone!

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The email was supposedly sent out to encourage me to give wanikani a try because I “still am level 1” (which I’m not as far as I am aware, but whatever). That’s probably why you didn’t get it.


Oh, fair enough… I mean, it wouldn’t make sense for me to get it as I already have lifetime I suppose. Oh well, I tried…


Hi seems the lifetime sale thing has already been resolved, so just leaving this little bit of knowledge: 今日は as you wrote it will usually be read as きょうは (as for today). If you want to say hello or good afternoon or something, better to write the phrase in kana! こんにちは!


Thank you to everyone for your help! I am now a LIFER! Woohoooo

はじめまして! Pleasure to meet you all :slight_smile:

Kami :lion:


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