Any ongoing or upcoming promotion?

Hi everyone,

I just discovered WaniKani and started my journey a few days ago, and so far it has been an amazingly fun experience. I am still at level 1 (unsurprisingly) but already thinking ahead about subscribing, so I guess it is worth a shot asking!

Thank you very much in advance!


They usually have a sale for Lifetime in December, so unfortunately you missed that by a couple months D: however, I’m not sure if there might be a sale at some other point in the year? Generally people just buy the annual subscription until lifetime goes on sale, as the time left of what you’ve payed for will be prorated. Although, simply paying monthly/annually is also a good idea if you’re not looking to get lifetime.


Thank you very much for your prompt answer!

I am actually considering going lifetime as I see learning Japanese a long-term goal anyway, so too bad I missed the sale. Maybe I will have to settle with the annual subscription after I have finished level 3 if nothing comes up then - we will see!

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hi. aside from the grand sale, they usually send you %50 off in yearly subsctiption promotion after your first year, for a second year.
it is a long-run so a lifetime is your best bet.

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They’ve historically also had some discount codes, but nothing universally circulated.

It’s worth noting that a while back (maybe a year and a half ago or something) they lowered the monthly and yearly subscriptions by a bit permanently.

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There seems to be a secret sale every January. If you sign up in late December or early January but don’t do the lifetime sale, they’ll email you a discount code for 50% off a monthly or annual subscription.

In my case, I signed up on Jan 1 and got the following email on Jan 9. After searching the forums, I see several other users that reported similar promotions in previous Januaries.

You didn’t go for the Lifetime sale. I get it. You probably wanted to finish up the three free levels first. That’s smart! You should definitely still do that. By the end of Level 3, you’ll understand how the mnemonics and review timings of WaniKani work together. WaniKani, as a system, will begin to make sense.

But, when you do get to Level 3, I have a coupon for you. Use the code ---- when you’re signing up for a monthly or annual subscription to get 50% off your first year. You just have to use it by January 31, 2020. That means you have a little over three weeks to get through Level 3. I think you can do that, though.

Thank you very much everyone for the responses. It is really nice to find the community so welcoming. Will keep my eyes open in the meantime but will probably subscribe anyway after I am done with the first three levels!


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