Ongoing Promotions?

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First time posting so I make it quick :slight_smile:
I came to like wanikani and thinking about subscribing. Are there any ongoing promotions or discount codes?

Thank you very much in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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There’s usually something around Christmas, don’t think there’s anything going on at the moment…

(Also: welcome, Jean-Marc! )


Actually, around Christmas the lifetime subscription price is often slashed. They did that last year and that’s when I bought my lifetime subscription. I don’t know of any promo codes for lifetime, though.


The promo code only works for subscriptions (monthly or yearly), so the lifetime single-purchase doesn’t apply. I have read that Christmas often includes discounts on the lifetime option though.

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Black friday is right around the corner as well, although I don’t remember any promotions for that last year. But it’s so close it might be good to wait, in case they actually do something.

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My little birdies tell me something is going to happen mid December



I’ll be ready.


Hello! Hope there is a sale coming soon!!

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The 2016 holiday promotion is when I purchased my lifetime sub.

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i got my lifetime subscription around this time last year. it was just a couple of weeks until the xmas sale. i remember the banner for the for the discounted lifetime subscription mocking me daily for a couple of weeks. It was painful.

– “do you want this really cheap life time subscription?”
– “yeah I really do. too bad I only got ONE LIFE!”

I’m not bitter about it now. I feel I got my moneys worth. But I really badly didn’t want to have to look at that banner every day.


Well my cat got WK lifetime subscription and she had to pay 9 times as much as me. So count yourself lucky.


:upside_down_face: How did you know I’m flying home for Christmas on the 15. December? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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Hmm, the evidence is accumulating…

Well first of all thank you all for your many replies. Thats a sign for a good and active community. I will be looking forward to the next promotion then and then decide by which subscription method I will go.

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I bought my lifetime early this year, just after the promotion had ended D=
But I figured it was better to just go for it than buy a year and do it next Christmas. But now, being this close, I would recommend to get a month and wait :wink:

I knew from the start that I want to go fast, but I want to be able to redo items and stick around. I will be unburning items after I hit lvl 60, so even though I will “finish” in about 1,5 years (from start, if I continue my current speed) I do want to burn all, and redo them as I please =)
And a few years down the line I might unburn them again, a refresher =)
So for me it was a no-brainer, I’m a lifer! <3
I knew I would be before finishing the first three levels.


There are already a lot of threads discussing whether it’s more “worth it” to get monthly, yearly, or lifetime. Long story short - it depends. You have to consider how long you think you’ll take to finish, how badly you want to stick around to burn the items from later levels, and if you are going to want to resurrect burned items later.

Well I am an rather slow learner therefore I prefer a lifetime purchase but I seek inspiration by some wanikani hotdeal. Looks like I just have to be patient and wait THEN. Im still not done with level 3 anyway so I ll be still busy for a bit.