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Thanks, @CyrusS. Would it be possible to get it pinned to the Latest page too? I’m not sure how, but the Welcome to the WaniKani Community thread is always visible there.

Also, is there a way to insert a wiki as the second post, so that others can contribute as well?


if its OK I would like to suggest that Bunpro also be mentioned maybe…? I have just found it to be an awesome addition to my study program.

just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, this helped

Hi, guys is there an option to somehow star a kanji/word or something that I’d like to check more frequently? I mean I am only lvl 4 now but I found some words/kanjis harder to recall from the mind, taking me far more time then the other but I answer them correctly after longer think. Of course I can answer quickly and get them wrong and see them more often but it would be nice to somehow mark kanjis that I’d like to see more often and also maybe to have them on separate list like the list on the main dashboard next to burned and so on. What do you think?

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Are you talking about Leeches?

If yes, I recommend you this script. It’s one of my favourite scripts, besides @acm2010’s scripts (visual & phonetic).

My leeches screenshot:

I usually squash the first durtle. I can see it moving down to number 7 or 9, then 19 or 20, then disappear, then it could come back, or it could go to my burned durtles.

If you’re talking specifically about how to star a durtle like we do on Google Mail, I don’t think I’ve seen that feature on WK by defaults. This is why we need userscripts.


@Oshin Ou nice! My Bitdefender doesn’t like the script but it looks like what I was looking for :slight_smile: Thank you! I didn’t even know about scripts.

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Not certain this is the right place to ask, but is there a specific reason as to why one can input the vocab reading as an answer when presented with kanji and be prompted that “WaniKani is looking for the on/kun’yomi reading”, but inputting the kanji reading when presented with vocab results in an instant wrong answer? Thanks in advance.


That’s addressed in the official FAQ:

It can be frustrating if you knew the actual answer, you can look into scripts to prevent you from getting it wrong if you really did know it, but outside of that taking an extra moment to confirm what WK is looking for can help prevent these types of errors


Thanks for the help!

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Hello peoples


Hello @IXAwesomeness


Thank you for this, I was confused why I kept getting “enter” (nyuu) and “woman” (jyo) wrong.

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Actually I have found many in the first 12 levels… This is just one recent example:

And this one like many others has different meaning for different readings:
In such cases when faced with the kanji, one should not be marked wrong if you already know the other word. I use ignore answer, but some people are leery of scripts.


Another example even earlier is 日本 (にほん or にっぽん)


Thank you for this :blush:


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