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I’m a fresh egg here so I would like to ask about the review system, I answered 4 times already the first 26 kanji’s reviews with 100% accuracy (Just the first one I’ve got one wrong). My question is, how many reviews I have to do now to get into new lessons? (currently in 8 yours to the next review).

Thanks in advance.

Well, according to Official FAQ,

I just finished my lessons. Why do I have to wait?

WaniKani has a very specific order. Each item builds upon a previous item, which means in order to unlock new things you must know everything before it. Because of this, the beginning can seem pretty slow. You’re building up a foundation.

In order for the SRS to be effective, you have to wait between reviews. Our goal is to make you review something right before you forget it as this is builds a stronger memory. The first set of radicals will probably take you 2-3 days (or less) to finish if you do your reviews on time. After this, you’ll unlock kanji. Then, the kanji should take around 2-3 days to complete. This adds up to a little less than a week of study time to complete the first level.

By the time you reach Level 2 or Level 3, the speed will begin to pick up. This slow start is making sure that you’re ready for the later, more difficult material. Think of it like a filter. If you don’t have the patience to get through the slower starting levels, maybe you don’t have the patience to learn all the kanji. Language learning is very long-term, after all.

P. S. Welcome to WaniKani!
I hope you would like it here! :smile:

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Obligatory - Read the Guide and FAQ theres a lot of useful stuff in there, but dont be scared to ask some stuff, I had a few too many stupid questions that could have been answered with common sense or the Guide myself at the beginning.

Hope you enjoy it! It does get a lot harder (faster), I’m only level 8 but have 200 Reviews incoming in the next Day and I think the diffulty should only increase with more levels.

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