How do I move faster than one review per 4 hours?

Hey, I have the first set of level 1 radicals memorized. I’ve been getting 100% on the review for like 2 days now. It’s telling me I can’t do another review of that set of radicals until 11pm and that I can’t move on to the Kanji until I’ve waited 4 hours to get a 100% on the radicals 3 more times.

I want to move on to the first set of Kanji right now and do Kanji and Radical reviews concurrently. Is there any way to make this happen?

If you can share a picture of your dashboard, we could see exactly what the status of everything is. If you’ve already reviewed the radicals multiple times, then you wouldn’t need 3 more reviews to unlock kanji.

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Profile doesn’t help us either:

Just know that even though WaniKani may elect to change the SRS timings for radicals soon (see the SRS systems thread) it will still never be possible to do reviews before they are ready. Just wait it out.

Patience is best. You will have plenty of reviews to do soon enough. It just takes a little time to unlock it.

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I agree with Leebo. Post a screenshot of your Dashboard.

All your items are still in Apprentice, which has four sub-stages. Since you’ve done your reviews on these items three times, I’m assuming they’re at the last one (Apprentice IV). They need to hit Guru for you to unlock new items.

It’s slow now but it’ll be more than enough soon.

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WaniKani User Guide here:

While waiting for lessons / reviews I study my WK notes, from texts & online. When I’m busy with other things in life I look at my reviews and, oh my, 100+ reviews to do.

Welcome to WK.

Yeah, the first couple levels are slow, as countless threads, FAQs, and WaniKani emails will attest to, but in a couple weeks there’ll be enough to take over an hour a day, and that should be more than enough.

I recommend using at the same time. They don’t limit the number of lessons you can do, so you can fill up any spare time learning there, and the grammar lessons have naturally taught me a lot of kanji and vocab that I haven’t yet encountered on WK.

Tae Kim’s grammar guide dovetails really nicely with BunPro, since BunPro’s lessons can be too brief. But they link outside sources, so you can always flesh out your understanding that way. I’ve just found Tae Kim to be the most thorough grammar textbook.

I’m not affiliated in any way with these sites, I just really like them. I always have those three tabs open on my computer. Oh, and a fourth tab for, an online English-Japanese dictionary. Hope some of this helps as you start/continue your language journey! And hopefully those other sites give you a way to fill your time until WK heats up! :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

Every level 1 WKer has this question. Don’t worry, keep going and soon you’ll be pining for the good old days when you were looking forward to your next chunk of reviews instead of looking for reasons to put them off :wink:

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