Trying itsu for answers

Are you on an iPhone or a Mac? I use the hiragana input on my iPhone and I get the little っ by typing つ and then hitting the same button that makes か into が and so forth. On Mac, it’s the same as everyone is saying. Hit the following consonant twice and it pops right up. :slight_smile:

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Oh I am such nit wit. I have been typing Japanese for 3 years hitting “ltu” every time that I need a っ. This is so much easier just making a double consonant!


Any time you want a small letter you can also type x before it.

xtu っ
xyu ゅ
xyo ょ
xya ゃ
xi ィ
xe ェ
xa ァ
xo ォ
xu ゥ




You do? Generally “ltsu” doesn’t work on WaniKani, because WK treats L as being R. It works for other IMEs, though.

Or maybe “ltsu” does work, but stuff like “li” to get ぃ does not. I can’t say I’ve checked recently.

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This is a very confusing thread.

OP did you manage to get the WK IME to work properly?

I also use Mac and iPhone with WK and haven’t had issues with using WK, only when I’ve forgotten to disable the computer’s IME and even then I realise because the word converts to kanji rather than staying hiragana.


as others have mentioned, wanikani does convert the latin characters by itself. So you may want to change to standard latin input while you answer questions on Wanikani. :slight_smile:

sorry for any confusion this caused. I have resolved the problem


thanks. I figured it out. it was my typing

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What was the problem in the end? Did you press enter after every letter or something?

was reading l as an I ( i).

my bad.

but I will say that entering double consonants works on some words buy not on others so I will type in ltsu all time hence


Whicj words did you find it did not work on? I can’t really think of ever having that issue, typing in WK or not.


It doesn’t work on あいうえお I guess? There shouldn’t be words that have that though

seems like I’m a bit late, but
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It’s great to have you here!

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it’s not your phone, these things come with exposure and with learning.
if you go to Leebo’s post, press reply, then select the speech bubble (quote whole post) you’ll see that his post is more than 10 characters long, but anythign enclosed in these <extra characters in here> will “disappear”


In manga or LN, these exist to emphasis a sound.
It works the same way:

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Oh I meant っあ inside a word, not ぁ

Oh, sorry. Indeed.

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