Trying itsu for answers


Is there a key or shift to type the hiragana itsu rather than mouse clicking the character menu? Forgive me if there is already an answer in pervious posts or in tips/faqs. I looked quickly but did not see it.


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You mean っ? Typing any consonant twice in a row will change the first of the consonants to っ.

shokku → しょっく


thanks for the reply. I have tried that with no success. using apple if that matters.

Well… That’s how it’s done? Are you typing with an IME?

hmmm. I will try again. . as far as ime…not using Microsoft if thats what you refer to.

Do you use a Japanese keyboard when typing? WaniKani itself has an built-in IME that converts latin input to hiragana like any other IME would, and it works like @Kumirei mentioned, the input shokku would yield しょっく.

I personally have no experience with how Apple’s IMEs work, although I would expect it to be able to do something similar. In the worst case most IMEs support typing xtsu to give you a standalone っ.

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I use Apple products frequently when typing Japanese. Could you describe what you’re using to type, and on what kind of device? IMEs are ‘input method editors’ aka systems that suggest what you might want to type for a language like Japanese or Chinese, instead of automatically displaying what you type in the Latin alphabet on the screen.

This is true on Macs as well. Have you tried this yet?

using English. not hiragana input.

I will experiment. I’m sure I’m not doing it right. like so many other things : /

thanks you

In that case WaniKani should convert it to hiragana as mentioned. What exactly does it output when you enter something like tatta (note the double consonant), it should yield たった.

Could you clarify exactly what kanji/vocab you’re trying to answer and exactly what you’re typing that isn’t working? Screenshots would also help if the review shows up again.


I will have to wait until I get more reviews to get screen shot. But an example would be something like yokka 四日 ( 4 days ; 4th day ) it simply won’t work unless I use the dropdown menu and select itsu

thanks to ALL for the responses. so many!

I don’t know what “select itsu” means. If you type “itsu” you’re going to get いつ. Are you talking about the little っ? You normally get that by typing the double consonant, as you did with yokka = よっか. If you ever need to type っ by itself (which you don’t here), you can get it by typing “xtsu”.


I think it probably means using the kana table and clicking on the small tsu located in the table, which is a possible method of getting the character if typing it out doesn’t work.

thanks . I’ll use that. it seems the issue may be my typing also. fast but sloppy.

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It may look like itsu but it’s actually a lowercase L. So, ltsu and not itsu


Why though? That’s terribly inefficient compared to just typing the consonant a second time.


Agreed, unless (of course) the っ is the first kana in a word. (But even then… って comes out just fine with ‘tte’.) I think it’s only really useful for producing manga/light novel style strings of っっっっっっっ. (Ok, again, nope… I literally just typed that by repeatedly hitting ‘t’) Depends on the IME, I guess?

Also a Japanese tip.

ありがとう is not used for “thanks in advanced” or something like that. However, よろしく「おねがいします」is :slight_smile: