Translation For A Certain Phrase

hiya folks! hopefully this is the right category to post this in.

I’ve been playing the video game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 lately (it’s a lot of fun!) using Japanese audio and English subtitles. however, quite annoyingly, not all of the audio is translated - only the main cutscene stuff is, leaving a lot of interstitial dialogue making little to no sense to me. I can still only pick up on certain words or phrases :sob:

I’m curious about a certain line that one of the characters says when you have them do a specific action in the game. to me, it sounds like:

de iko ne”

or maybe, " むたいめいわ!るんるんはたるん。で、いこね!"

for context, the character says this when you send them off on what’s called a “mercenary mission” - they say it regardless of whether they’re going alone or with a small team of people.

I really have no idea how close or far off I might be on that transcription, but I’d love to find out what this could possibly mean. thanks!

Hmm, based on the context you provided this is what I think it might be:

無体 (むたい) = outrageous, by force, cruel
命 (めい) = command, decree
わ = emphasis
—> What a cruel command!

るんるん = happy mood
は = topic particle
たぶん = probably
—> Probably because (you’re) in a good mood (sarcastically)

で、行くね —> Well, let’s go


omg, that rules. I think that fits given the character it is - if anyone has different thoughts I’d love to hear them, though. thanks so much!


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