Help with a translation

Hello everyone! Can someone tell me what exactly she says here? She is eating and he is staring at her. English captions says:

Do I have something in my face?


But Jisho says:


The second part says this:
ついてます could be an inflection of [ついてる]

And ついてる is

I don’t get it. Would it mean: am I looking at luck in the face? (Or something to that effect) Lol

I just noticed that 向 is not the right kanji. I’m searching for the definition of “face” but that kanji doesn’t show up anywhere!

Yeah as you picked up on it’s not 向か, it’s (なに)か, which means something. So she’s basically asking “is something attached (to me)?” which from context makes sense to mean something like “is there something on my face?”

So no, she doesn’t say anything that literally means face, that part is omitted since it’s pretty obvious from context.


Ohhh ok that makes sense. I kept rewinding and listening to the same part again but I kept hearing むか. I do have the browser extension installed that helps you hover on each word but I’m not near my pc and I was curious!

Thank you so much!!


She might’ve said なんか, I could see how that could sound similar :laughing:

No problem, glad I could help!


Especially since she’s eating where it would come out like んんか :joy:

You gotta keep listening to more Japanese to pick those out.

There are Japanese songs that I’ve been listening to for years that I’m only just now realizing how much I’ve been mishearing. :wink:


I’m still a beginner. I’m actively listening to podcasts, watching Japanese shows (English subs for now), etc but it will be quite a long time until I’m able to listen to Japanese and understand most of it. Heck, right now I can only pick out a word here and there; mainly vocabulary I have learned on WK. I understand the use of particles well enough but reading at my own pace is very different from the mess of sounds of spoken Japanese Lol


I would recommend adding some songs that you enjoy as well. Many of them come with lyrics that auto scroll and that really helps to match what they’re saying to what you’re hearing.

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