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Hi there! I’ve been (very slowly) working on a rough translation of Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut (the PS2 remake released in 2008) as I play through the game with a friend. I figured since I’d already be translating the game for him, I could write it down as I go. However, I’m far from fluent and having a rough time with a line I came across, and I’m hoping I can get some help ^^

Right now, I’m meeting the King of Seinegald, and his advisor(?) Dryden is yelling at my party for committing crimes—typical hero stuff. The full context of the scene is:

Stahn: Whoa, how fancy! Is this the Seinegald castle?
Rutee: You’re pretty happy-go-lucky, aren’t you…
Dryden: You are in the presence of his majesty the king! All of you, control yourselves!
(a soldier brings the king the swordians)
Rutee: ah, Atwight!
Stahn: Dymlos, are you all right?
Dryden: 貴様たちがなぜこの場に、引き立てられたかわかるか?
Rutee: hey, give Atwight back! she’s mine!
Dyden: Silence!
Dryden: That you attempted to ravage the king’s ruins, and that you caused a scene over it in town, is inexcusable.
Dryden: We have prepared a punishment severe enough for your crime!

I’m confused about Dryden’s line here because I understand the 貴様たちがなぜこの場に and the わかるか, but I’m having a frustrating amount of trouble over 引き立てられたか. The only definitions I can find for 引き立つ are “to stand out” or “to be conspicuous” and I’m having a hard time understanding how that kind of meaning fits within the context of both the sentence itself and the scene as a whole.

I want to say that the sentence boils down to something along the lines of “Do you know why you’ve been summoned here?” but I don’t want to slap that translation down and have it potentially be inaccurate. So if anyone here can help with understanding this, I’d really appreciate it!

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It’s not 引き立つ, it’s 引き立てる. I’d be inclined to say that it’s definition 4.


Thank you for pointing that out!! I didn’t even notice that I was reading it wrong orz



@ciellenne Are you still working on this translation?
We actually have a group on Discord to translate this game in english and would like to have some people to help us translate this game :slight_smile:

I am! I’m currently about 1/4 through Stahn’s side. I’m totally willing to join if you’ll have me!

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