I’m hoping someone can translate this for me

First, I’m sorry if I chose the wrong section for this

I recently started learning Japanese and it wasn’t long before I got questions like “can you read this” and whatnot, but this one I am genuinely interested in. It’s some screenshots from the ending of a video game that were never tranlated into English. Can someone here please help me out, my skill level is too low (below beginner at this point) to really even try xD


“This is the outer space investigation/probe squad, please respond.”

Repeated with various gaps in the message like it’s got static and breaking up.


Thank you very much!

Yep Leebo’s got it XD Here’s the full sentence and the reading if you need it:


(こちら がいうちゅう たんさたい、おうとう ねがいます)


Just curious, what game is this?

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:o 宇宙 is on my level. Cool coincidence to see it here.

Assault Suits Valken


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