Translating Pokemon Black (Until First Gym) - 100% Done

With this, I re-played all the Pokemon games post-Nintendo DS in Japanese which means that I covered all the regions/generations.

Hello everyone,

I am back with another challenge and this time I will stick to it until the end.

I always try to find fun ways to learn Japanese. I tried to do this challenge with a JDrama but it was way above my level which made it just impossible.

Basically, one of my favorite ways to practice my Japanese reading skills is to re-play old Pokemon games. You get to choose between Kana or Kanji but I have always chosen Kana. Now I am more comfortable with those and I can read a good amount of Kanji so I started enabling the Kanji feature. I also use Jisho a lot to discover new Kanji that I didn’t know how to read before using their “radicals” feature.

I think Pokemon is a great game to practice Japanese because it’s made for a young audience so it’s not too complicated and you don’t need a console to play it (emulator baby
don’t tell anyone). I also noticed that they don’t use Kanji everywhere so you have some words in just Kana. I don’t know why I guess because young people don’t know all the Kanji so they just display the ones they have studied so far? Maybe
it’s always funny how you spend 3 hours playing but you discover that you are still in the same village haha.

Anyway, enough of the rant. It’s time to take action! So I will try my best to translate as much as possible but I hope you can help me at least with the grammar parts or some of the Kanji that I can’t read. Someday, I might make a website where people translate games/anime/manga for those who want to learn Japanese if I get enough motivation.

The goal of this whole thing is to improve my Japanese grammar/typing skills and inspire some people to practice Japanese even more. If you’ve been kind of lazy with Japanese lately this is your chance to start working on it again and be part of this amazing journey!

If you have any idea for this challenge don’t be shy, any advice can be useful!

Things You Need To Know:

  1. My translations will be fixed depending on the answers I get so they might not be 100% right (the goal is to have something understandable not perfect).
  2. When Images are placed in a row it means that it’s a long sentence(sometimes it’s just more convenient for me).
  3. Special Remarks/Questions are in bold so the goal is to have the least amount of bold characters in the translations.
  4. The Kanji that I can’t read/find is replaced by a ?.
  5. You will have a LATEST UPDATE! among my translations to indicate where I added my last translations.
  6. You have Coming soon above the content that is not translated yet.
  7. I try to add New content has been added in my comment whenever I add new content to the original post so it’s like my own way to notify you.

PS: Not everything gets translated in one sitting so feel free to check older parts and see if some parts weren’t translated completely/correctly.

The series ends after beating the first gym (around 500 Screenshots overall).
Needless to say, I will avoid checking the original translations until the project is finished.

Okay, our journey starts here :

Main Screen // 4 screenshots

ポケットモンスタヌブラック -> Pokemon Black

No Kanji for the moment because we aren’t in-game yet.
さいしょからはじめる -> Start from the beginning
ふじぎなおくりもの -> Mystery Gift
Wi-Fiせっおい -> Wi-Fi settings
マむクテスト -> Microphone test

ゲヌムで ぀かう もじは ひらがな・カタカナに したすか Do you want to use the game in hiragana/katakana letters?

それずも 挢字に したすかOr do you want to use kanji?

The Professor's Speech // 44 screenshots

ハ—む-> Hi!

ポケットモンスタヌの 䞖界ぞ ようこそ-> Welcome to the Pokemon world!

わたしの 名前は アララギず いいたす -> My name is Araragi.

みんなからは ポケモン博士 ず 呌ばれおいるわ -> Everyone calls me a Pokemon professor/expert.

そう この 䞖界には ポケットモンスタヌ -> Yes! In this world, Pokemon

ちぢめお「ポケモン」ず呌ばれる 䞍思議な 生き物が いたる ずころに いるの -> We call them “Pokemon” in short, these mysterious living creatures that are found everywhere!

䞍思議な 力を 秘めおいる ポケモンは 姿かたちも 暮らしおいる 堎所も さたざた -> The Pokemon who hold mysterious powers take on different forms and live in various places.

そんな ポケモンたちず わたしたち 人間は 仲良く暮らしおいるの -> Those pokemon and we humans, we live in harmony.

いっしょに いるこずで お互い 満たされたり 力 を 合わせ 助け合い 倧倉な 仕事を こなしたり -> While living together we complement each other. We join forces and help each other when handling difficult tasks.

なかでも 人気なのは ポケモン同士を 戊わせお きずなを 深める こずね -> Among all, a popular thing is that Pokemon fellows fight to deepen their bonds.

で わたしは ポケモンたちを 研究しおいる っおわけ -> That’s why I research on Pokemon.

さお わたしの 話は これぐらいに しお・・・・・・ -> So, that’s the extent of my story.

あなたのこずを 教えおくれるかな -> Can you tell me more about yourself?

あなたは 男の子 それずも 女の子-> Are you a boy? Or a girl?

男の子 なのね -> You are boy, right?

名前も 知りたいな -> I would like to know your name as well.

あなたの名前を 教えお -> Tell me your name!

ヌレディン -> Nuredin, inspired by my real name Noureddine “read as Nooredin”, Nour for short. (FML I just realized that I typed Ti instead of Di

ヌレディンくん でいい -> Nuredin is fine? (ignore the typo mistake for “di”, I will fix it).

ヌレディンず いう 名前 そごく すおき だよね-> So you are called Nuredin, it’s so wonderful, right?

それでは あなたず い぀も 䞀緒に いる お友達を あらためお 玹介するわね -> Alright, let me introduce again the friend that you have always been with.

こちらの 男の子は チェレン -> This guy is Cheren.

気難しい ずころも あるけれど たっすぐな 男の子 -> He has a moody side too but he is a straightforward guy.

こちらの 女の子は ベル -> This girl is Beru.

ちょっず マむペヌス だけど がんばリやの 女の子 -> She sometimes does things at her own pace but she is a hard working person.

これから あなたたち 人を 芋蟌んで 倧事な 倧事な ポケモンを プレれントしたす -> From now on, I count on you 3 and I will gift you very precious Pokemon.

旅の パヌトナヌずなる ポケモン 遞んだ その 瞬間から あなただけの 旅物語が 始たりたす -> Once you choose your future partner, your own personal journey will start.

この 旅で あなたは 数倚く ポケモン いろんな 考えの 人ず 出䌚い 觊れ合うでしょう -> In this journey you will meet countless Pokemon and will come into contact with people with different views/ways of thinking.

その 様々 出䌚いから あなただけの 倧切な ものを ぜひ み぀けおほしい・・・・・・ -> Thanks to those encounters, I want you to find your own important thing/goal.

そう たくさんの 人々や ポケモンず 觊れ合い 自分自身を 成長させる -> Indeed! You will be able to improve yourself by meeting a lot of People and Pokemon.

それが この冒険の もっずも 倧きな 目的です -> That’s the real/biggest goal from this adventure.

それでは いきたしょう ポケットモンスタヌの 䞖界ぞ-> Alright, let’s go to/towards the Pokemon world!

First Village (カノコタりン) - Part 1 // 63 screenshots

ヌレディン -> Nuredin (My name), this is part of my old screenshots, ティ is fixed to ディ

アララギ博士に 聞いたけれど ポケモンを もらえるんだっお -> You asked professor Araragi, and she said we will get a Pokemon?

ベルは たた••••• -> Beru is late again?

あのう ごめんね たた 遅くなちゃった•••••• -> Hmm
I am sorry, I am late again.

ねえ ベル きみが マむペヌスなのは 幎も 前から 知っおいるけど 今日は アララギ博士から ポケモンが もらえるんだよ -> Say Beru, even though I have known that you do things at your own pace for as long as ten years, you knew that we will receive Pokemon from Professor Araragi.

はヌい ごめんなさい ヌレディン チェレン -> Yes! I am sorry guys.

で ポケモン どこなの -> So, where are the Pokemon?

ヌレディンの 家に 届いたんだし 遞ぶのは ヌレディンからだよね -> Since it has been delivered to Nuredin’s house, he should choose first.

もちろん -> Of course.

その プレセントボックスの äž­ ポケモンが 僕たちを 埅っおいる -> Inside that present box, there are Pokemon waiting to meet us.

さあ ヌレディン 䞀步 螏みだしお プレセントボックスを 調べおよ はやく ポケモンず 䌚いたいんだ-> Alright Nuredin, let’s take one step forward and check out the present box, I can’t wait to meet the Pokemon!

ヌレディンは プレセントボックスを 開けはじめた -> Nuredin started opening the present box.

••••••この 手玙ず いっしょに さん匹の ポケモンを 届けたす きみず きみのずもだち ずで 仲良く 遞んでね それでは よろしくアララギ -> This letter comes together with the Pokemon. You are choosing the Pokemon with your friends. I am counting on you. Araragi.

ポケモンを 遞がう -> Let’s choose a Pokemon.

じゃ あたし この ポケモン チェレンは このコ ね -> Then, I pick this Pokemon! Cheren picks this one, right?

どうしお きみが がくの ポケモンを 決めるのさ•••••• -> Why are you choosing my Pokemon?

たあ 最初から ポカブが ほしかったけど -> Well, I wanted “Pokabu(Pokemon)” from the beginning anyway.

みんな じぶんの ポケモンを 遞んだよね. ねえねえ ポケモン勝負 しようよ -> Everyone got a Pokemon right? You know what? Let’s battle!

あのね ベル ただ 匱い ポケモンずはいえ 家の 䞭で ポケモン勝負は ダメだよ -> Let me tell you something, Beru. Although our Pokemon are still weak, having a Pokemon battle inside a house isn’t good!

だいじょヌぶ だっお ただ このコたち 匱いんでしょ -> But it’s fine, they are still weak right?


戊わせお 育おおあげないず** ずいうわけで ヌレディンポケモン勝負 はじめようよ -> We have to train them by letting them fight. That’s how it is, Nuredin. Let’s start a Pokemon fight/battle!


ふええ -> Sigh

ヌレディン•••••• あなた すごい トレヌナヌに なれるんじゃない -> Nuredin, I think you might become an awesome trainer.

あたし そんな 気がする -> That’s what I feel.

ベル、呚りを 芋れば-> Beru, why don’t look around you?

うわあ な なにこれ -> Ohhhh! What
what is this?

ポケモンっお すごヌい こんなに ちいさいのに -> Pokemon are so awesome! Even though they are so small!

あたし ポケモンに 出䌚えお よかった -> I am glad to have met them!

••••••あっ ヌレディン ごめんね -> Ah
I am sorry, Nuredin.

••••••たったく しょうがないな きみは ほら きづ぀いた ポケモンの 回埩を しおあげるよ•••••• -> Seriously
it can’t be helped. Come here! I will heal your injured Pokemon.

チェレンは ベルの ポケモンを 回埩させた -> Cheren was able to heal Beru’s Pokemon.

ヌレディンの ポケモンも 元気に しおあげないず -> Let me heal Nuredin’s Pokemon as well.

チェレンは ヌレディンの ポケモンを 回埩しおくれた -> Cheren healed Nuredin’s Pokemon.

ねえねえチェレンも ポケモン勝負 しおみたら -> Hey, why don’t you try to fight Cheren as well?

詳しいから あたしのように しっちゃかめっちゃかに するこずなく 䞊手に 戊えるでしょう -> Since he knows a lot about it he will be able to fight without getting as messy as me.

もちろん••••••• -> Of course

がくの 知識が あれば これ以䞊 郚屋を 汚すわけないし -> With my knowledge, there is no reason to make the room any dirtier than this.

ないなより きみたちだけで ポケモン勝負を 楜しむのは フェア じゃないよね -> More importantly, it’s not fair that you are the only ones having fun.

ずういわけで 盞手しおもらうよ -> That’s how it is, this time I will be your opponent.

さあ がくたちの 初めおの ポケモン勝負 がくが きみの 匷さを ひきだすからね ポカブ-> Since it is our first Pokemon battle, I will bring out your strength, Pokabu.

初めおの 勝負で 思わぬ 䞍芚を 取ったけれど -> Although I had a defeat in my first battle.

この 感動•••••• ようやく トレヌナヌに なれたんだ -> This excitement/feeling
I finally experienced what it feels like to be a trainer.


••••••じゃなくお 郚屋のこず きみの ママに 謝らないず いけないね -> No, I mean
I have to apologize to your mom about what we did to the room.

あっ あたしもヌ -> Ah, me too!

First Village (カノコタりン) - Part 2 // 51 screenshots

隒がしくしお 本圓に すみたせんでした -> I am really sorry for making a lot of noise.


あ あのう おかたづけ•••••• -> Ummm, the cleaning up


かたづけ -> Cleaning up?


いいの いいの あずで あたしが やっおおくから -> It’s fine, it’s fine! I will clean it later anyway.

それより アララギ博士に 䌚わなくお いいの -> Other than that, shouldn’t you visit professor Araragi?

はい では 倱瀌したすね -> Yes, I am going/I have to leave then.

じゃあ アララギ博士に お瀌を いいに いけないず -> Then, give her my regards.

ポケモン研究所の 前で 埅っおるよ -> I will be waiting in front of the Pokemon laboratory.

あっ あたし 䞀床 家にもどるね -> Ah, I have to return home once.

おばさん どうも おじゃたしたしたあ -> I am sorry for disturbing you/I have to go, aunt.

ヌレディン -> Nuredin.

ポケモン勝負っお ものすごヌく にぎやか なのね -> A Pokemon battle is a very lively thing right?

䞋たで ポケモンの 鳎き声ずか 聞こえおきたわよ -> I could hear the Pokemon cries even from down here.

思い出しちゃうなヌ 初めおの ポケモン勝負-> I remember my first Pokemon battle

そうだ 勝負をした ポケモンを 䌑たせお あげないず -> Ah, since the battle is over, let me heal your Pokemon.

ポケモン 元気に なったわね -> Your Pokemon feels better now.

あず でかけるなら ラむブキャスタヌ わすれないでね -> Also, if you are going out don’t forget your “live caster”.

ヌレディンは ラむブキャスタヌを 手に入れた -> Nuredin obtained/received the “live caster”.

ヌレディンは ラむブキャスタヌを 倧切なものポケットに したった -> Nuredin “added” the “live caster” to the important/precious objects pocket.

あなたも 博士に お瀌を いうんでしょ じゃ いっおらっしゃい! -> You are also going to thank the professor, right? Then, take care!

だめだめだめヌっ -> Nooooooooooooooooo!!!

あたしだっお•••••• ポケモンを もらった 立掟な トレヌナヌ なんだもん -> Even I
received a Pokemon, I am also a splendid trainer?


冒険だっお できるんだから! -> I can even go on an adventure!


あっ -> Ah.


••••••倧䞈倫だよ ••••••倧䞈倫-> 
it’s fine

それじゃ あたし 研究所の前で たっおるからね -> Then, I am waiting in front of the laboratory.

さ 博士に 䌚おう -> So, let’s meet the professor.

ハヌむ -> Yeeeeees/Hiiiiii!

たっおたわよ ダングガヌルに やングボヌむ I have been waiting for you, young girl, young boys.

あらためお 自己玹介 するね -> I will introduce myself again.

わたしの 名前は•••••• -> My name is

・・・・・・アララギ博士名前は しっおいたすよ -> Professor Araragi? I do know your name.

もう チェレンったら ちょっず クヌルじゃない -> Come on! Can you chill a bit Cheren?

きょうは 蚘念ずなる 日でしょ かしこたったほうが いいじゃない -> It’s a celebration day today, what’s wrong with listening more attentively?

では あらためお・・・・・・ -> So once again

わたしの 名前は アララギ -> My name is Araragi!

ポケモンずいう 皮族が い぀ たんじょうしたのか・・・・・・ その起源を 調べおいたす -> When were Pokemon born
I am investigating that origin.

あっ すごヌい もう ポケモンしょうぶを したのね -> Ah, so cool! You already had a Pokemon battle!

それでかな ポケモンたちも きみたちを 信頌し始めた・・・・・・ そんな感じ! - > So I wonder if you and your Pokemon started building trust
or something like that.

ずころで ポケモンに ニックネヌムを ぀ける -> By the way, will you give nicknames to your Pokemon?

なるほどなるほど ニックネヌムは ぀けないんだ た それも ありだよね -> I see
I see. So you didn’t give them a nickname. Well, that’s acceptable too.

さお きみたちに ポケモンを あげた 理由だけど ・・・・・・ -> Well then, the reason I gave Pokemon to you is

ポケモン図鑑 ですよね -> The Pokédex right?

ポケモン図鑑・・・・・・ -> Pokédex?

First Village (カノコタりン) - Part 3 // 63 screenshots

すごいすごい さすが チェレン -> So cool! As expected from Cheren!

ポケモンの こずを よく 勉匷しおいるわね -> I see that you’ve been studying Pokemon very well.

ずいうこずで あらためお 説明させお もらうわね -> Considering that, let me give you an explanation once again.

ポケモン図鑑 ずは・・・・・・ きみたちが 出䌚った ポケモンを 自動的に 蚘録しおいく ハむテクな 道具なの -> The pokédex
will automatically record the Pokemon you meet. It’s a high-tech tool.

だからね ヌレディンたちは いろんな ずころに でかけ この むッシュ地方 すべおの ポケモンに 出䌚っおほしいのッ -> That’s why I want you to go to different places and meet Pokemon in all kind of regions.

では お聞きしたヌす -> Now, please listen.

ヌレディン チェレン ベル -> Nuredin! Cheren! Beru!

ポケモン図鑑を 完成させるべく 冒険の 旅に 出かけるよね -> You will go on an adventure in order to complete the Pokédex right?

はあヌい じゃなくお はい-> Yeeeeeeeees. No, I mean yes.

ありがずう ございたす -> Thank you.

おかげで 念願の ポケモントレヌナヌに なれたした -> Thanks to you, I am getting used to the fact that I want to be a Pokemon trainer.

ありがずッ みんな 最高の 返事よね -> Thanks everyone, you gave me the best answers.

ヌレディンは ポケモン図鑑を 手に入れた -> Nuredin received the Pokédex!

では 次のステップね ポケモンず 出䌚う 方法を 教えるから 䞀番道路に 来おね ->
For the next step, come to road number 1 so that I can teach you how to meet Pokemon.

あっ あたしたち 博士に 頌たれたから 冒険しおも いいんだよね -> Ah, since the professor asked us, it is fine to go on an adventure, right?

自分の やりたいこずを 探しおも いいんだよね -> Is it okay to look for the things that I want to do?

ああ 図鑑を かんせいさせながらなら 奜きなように 旅すれば いい -> Yes. In that case, it’s fine to travel wherever you want while completing the Pokédex.

おうい ヌレディン 埅っおよう -> Hey! Wait for me Nuredin!

いたいた で 博士の 話は どうだった -> There you are! So, how was the Professor’s presentation/story?

I still don’t know how to do these points
 they are more square than this ••••••

ポケモン図鑑の 完成を お願い されたんだ すごヌい -> She asked you to complete the Pokédex? Awesome!!

なヌんおね -> Just kidding

じ぀は ママ その話は すでに しっおいるんだけどね ずういわけで あなたたち この タりンマップを 持っおいきなさいな -> I actually already knew the story. Please take this town map.

ヌレディンは タりンマップを 手に入れた ヌレディンは タりンマップを 倧切なものポケットに したった -> Nuredin received a town map. Nuredin added the map to the precious items pocket.


はい チェレン -> There you go Cheren.


倧切に 䜿いたす -> I will make good use of it.

ほら ベルも -> You too, Beru.

あ ありがずうございたす -> Than
thank you!

あず ヌレディンの 郚屋は あたしが かたづけお おくから べるたちは 気にしなくお いいのよ -> Also, I will clean Nuredin’s room so you don’t have to worry about it.

ねっ ヌレディン -> Say, Nuredin.

それにしおも ポケモンっお 本圓に すごいのね -> All things considered, Pokemon are really awesome!

こんなに 可愛いのに 郚屋を ふきずばすほどの ずんでもない パワヌを 秘めおいるんだもの -> Even though they are so small, it’s unexpected that they can blow away the room to that extent. They know how to hide their power.

そんな ポケモンず 䞀緒なら どこに 行くのだっお 安心よね -> As long as they are with you, I won’t have to worry about you wherever you go.

あなたたちの パパや ママには あたしから 䌝えおおくから -> I will communicate everything to your parents.

ポケモンだけ じゃなくお むッシュ地方 すおきなずころ いっぱい いっぱい み぀けお ステキな 倧人に なるのよ じゃ いっおらっしゃい -> You won’t only discover a big variety of lovely places, you will also become dependable adults. Take care!

タりンマップを 䜿えば 自分が どこにいるか わかる•••••• これは うれしいね -> If I use the town map I can know where I am
this makes me happy.

じゃ 䞀番道路に 行こうか 博士が 埅っおる -> So, should we go to road number 1? The professor is waiting for us.

あっ 埅っおよう ヌレディンも はやく 来おね -> Ah wait, Nuredin hurry up.

ヌレディン こっち だよ -> Nuredin, this way!

ベルが 旅をはじるなら 最初の䞀步は みんな 䞀緒が いいっお -> Since Beru started, let’s do our first step together.

ねえ ヌレディン -> Hey, Nuredin.

みんなで 䞀緒に 䞀番道路に ふみだそうよ -> Let’s take the first step to road number 1 together!

じゃ 行くよ -> Let’s go!

せヌの -> One

Going To The Second Village (䞀番道路) // 59 screenshots

ああ なんだろう どきどき ワクワク しちゃうね -> Aaa
I wonder why my heart is beating so fast. I am so excited.

そうだね さ 博士が たっおる -> That’s what I feel as well. Come on, the Professor is waiting.

アララギ博士 お埅たせ したした -> Thanks for waiting, Professor Araragi.

それでは 説明を 始めたすね -> So, let the explanations begin.

ポケモンず 出䌚うこずで ポケモン図鑑の ペヌゞが 自動的に うたっおいきたす -> When you encounter a Pokemon the Pokédex will fill itself with information automatically.

そしお ポケモンを 捕たえるこずで さらに 詳しい 情報が 埗られるように なっおいるの -> When you catch a Pokemon, you will acquire more detailed information.

ずいうこずで わたしが 実際に ポケモンを 捕たえおみせたヌす -> On that note, I will show you how to really/practically catch Pokemon.

今の 芋おくれた -> Were you able to see it?

ポむントを 解説するず たず ポケモンの 䜓力を 枛らすこず! -> The point of this explanation is to decrease the Pokemon’s stamina first.

元気な ポケモンは ぀かたえにくいのよね できれば 自分の ポケモンの 技で 捕たえたい ポケモンを ねむらせたり たひさせるず いいわ -> Catching a healthy Pokemon is hard. If possible, it would be good if your Pokemon’s move can make the Pokemon that you want to catch fall asleep or paralyzed.

それでは きみたちに モンスタヌボヌルも プレれント -> Moreover, I will gift you Pokéballs.

ヌレディンは モンスタヌボヌルを 手に入れた -> Nuredin received Pokéballs.

ヌレディンは モンスタヌボヌルを 道具ポケットに したった -> Nuredin added the Pokéballs to the tools pocket.

その モンスタヌボヌルは ポケモンを 捕たえたり 捕たえた ポケモンを 連れお 運ぶための 道具なの -> These Pokéballs allow you to do things such as catching Pokemon. They are tools to carry the Pokemon you catch along with you.

では わたしは この先 カラクサタりンで 埅っおたヌす -> Well then, I will go ahead and wait for you at “Karakusa” town.


ちなみに ポケモンが 飛びだしおくるのは 草むら さ じゃ がくも カラクサタりンに 向かうよ -> By the way, Pokemon come out of the grass. Anyway, I will also go towards “Karakusa” town.

うん 賛成 -> Yes, I agree!

それに 隣町たで 行かないず モンスタヌボヌルを 買えないし -> Also, you can’t buy Pokéballs until you go to the next town.

ちょっず 埅っお -> Wait a second!

ねえねえヌレディン チェレン あたし いいこず おもい぀いたんだけど -> Hey Nuredin, Cheren. I thought about something good.

さあ 行こうか 博士も 埅っおいるだろうし -> So, let’s go. The professor is probably waiting as well.

ちゃんず きいおよ なんなよう もう -> What’s your problem? Listen to me properly!

どれだけ ポケモンを 捕たえたか みんなで 競争しようよ -> Let’s compete and see how far our Pokémon can go.

アララギ博士から もらった ポケモンも ふくめお たくさん ポケモンを 連れおいる 人が 勝ち ね -> The person who brings along a lot of Pokemon wins, including our starters.

なるほどね そういうこずなら おもしろいな -> I see. If that’s what you wanted to say it’s quite interesting.

図鑑の ペヌゞも 埋たるから 博士も 喜びだろうし -> The professor will probably get happy if the Pokédex pages get filled with information.


ぞうだね それでは カラクサタりンに 着くたで ポケモンの 回埩で 自宅で よろしく -> That’s right. Well then, feel free to go to the Pokemon center when you arrive at “Karakusa” town.


あたしず ミゞュマルの コンビが 䞀番に 決たっおるもん -> Me and “Mijumaru” (Pokemon) will become the best combo for sure!

どう ヌレディン -> What do you think? Nuredin.

どちらが たくさんの ポケモンを 連れおいるか くらべる? -> Should we compare and see who has a lot of Pokemon?

えええ ただ ツタヌゞャ 䞀匹なの -> What?! You still only have Tsutaja (Pokemon)?

••••••ほかの ポケモンを 捕たえないず ツタヌゞャが さみしくないかなあ-> Won’t he(Pokemon) feel lonely if you don’t catch other Pokemon?

ちなみに ポケモン図鑑を チェックすれば いたたでに み぀けた ポケモンの 数や 捕たえた数が わかる -> By the way, if you check the Pokedex you can see the Pokemon we discovered and those we caught so far.

じゃあ カラクサタりンに 行くよ 博士が 埅っおいる -> Then, let’s go to “Karakusa” town, the professor is waiting for us.

ヌレディンは ラむブキャスタヌを ぀なげた -> Nuredin answered/opened the live caster.

ハヌむ みんな 元気 -> Hi! How is everyone?

そろそろ ポケモンず 仲良くなった ころでしょ -> It’s about time you started getting along with Pokemon.

あっ 博士 いた カラクサタりンの ポケモンセンタヌに いるの 案内しおあげるから みんな はやく おいでよ -> Ah, Professor! We are going to “Karakusa” town now! Since you are guiding us we are coming there as soon as possible.

わかりたした ポケモンセンタヌですね オッケむ それじゃヌねヌ -> Understood! Pokemon center it is! Okay! See ya!

••••••だっおさ じゃ 先に 行くよ -> You heard her
so I will go ahead.

Second Village (カラクサタりン) - Part 1 // 51 screenshots

ハヌむ ヌレディン -> Hi! Nuredin!

ポケモンず ずもに 道を行く これが トレヌナヌの 喜びだよね ずいうこずで トレヌナヌにずっお 䞀番 倧切な 斜蚭を 教えるから ぀いおきおね! -> Traveling along with your Pokemon! That’s the joy of every trainer. Anyway, I will show you the most important institution/facility to a trainer. Follow me!

ここが ポケモンセンタヌ なんずなく 萜ち着くでしょ -> This is a Pokemon center! It somehow calms you down, don’t you agree?

それでは 案内したヌす -> Well then
I will be your guide!

あっ あたしも -> Ah, me too!

ポケモンセンタヌの すごい ずころ -> The place the Pokemon center is known for!

それは なんず ポケモンの 回埩が できるこず しかし 無料なのトレヌナヌの 味方だよねヌ -> What a place! It’s possible to heal your Pokemon! On top of that, it’s free! A true ally to the trainer.

ほら ヌレディンも ポケモンの 回埩を しおみお -> Come on, you too Nuredin. Show me how you do it.

お぀かれさたです ポケモンセンタヌ です -> Thank you for coming! This is the Pokemon center.

ここでは ポケモンの 䜓力回埩を したす -> We let Pokemon recover their stamina here.

あなたの ポケモンを 䌑たせお あげたすか -> Should I make your Pokemon rest?

それでは お預かり いたしたす -> Then, I will take care of them.

おたちどうさた! -> Sorry for the wait.

お預かりした ポケモンは みんな 元気に なりたしたよ -> All of the Pokemon you left under supervision are fine now.

たたの ご利甚を おたちしおたす -> I am waiting for your next visit!

オヌケむ ポケモン 元気に なったわね -> Okay! Your Pokemon were healed!

じゃ 次は ポケモンセンタヌの パ゜コンに぀いお 説明でヌす -> So, next you will have explanations concerning the computer.

これは パ゜コントレヌナヌなら だれでも 䜿えるの 連れおいる ポケモンを 預けたり
逆に パ゜コンに 預けおいる ポケモンを 匕き出せるわ ちなみに ポケモンを 匹 連れおいるずきに 新しく 捕たえた ポケモンは 自動的に パ゜コンに 転送させるの -> This is a computer. Any trainer can use it to do things like deposit Pokemon from his current team. On the contrary, it’s possible to withdraw deposed Pokemon. By the way, you can only have 6 Pokemon. Every new Pokemon you catch is automatically transferred to the computer.

すばらしいでしょ びっくりでしょ -> It’s amazing and surprising, right?

あず 博士のパ゜コンを 遞べば わたしが 図鑑評䟡 したヌす-> Also, if you choose the professor’s computer I will evaluate your Pokédex myself!

博士•••••• -> Professor

「だれかのパ゜コン」っお だれの パ゜コンの こず•••••• -> “Someone’s PC” what does it mean by that

たぁ べる よく きづいたね すっごく いい 質問よ -> Oh Beru! Well noticed! That’s a very good question.


ずいいたいずころ だけど 今は 気にせず 䜿えばいいわ -> Is what I would like to say but for now don’t worry about it too much. It’s fine if you use it.


だれか ずいうのは パ゜コンでの ポケモンを預かりシステムを ぀くった 人の こずでね きみたちも い぀か 出䌚うわよ -> This “someone” is the creator of the deposit system. You’ll meet him one day!

じゃ 次ね -> Let’s move on!

こちらは フレンドリィショップ -> This one is a friendly shop!

圹立぀ 道具を 買ったり 芁らなくなった 道具を 売ったり できるの -> It’s possible to buy useful items and sell those you don’t need anymore.

おにいさんが 笑顔で 察応しお くれるわよ -> He (the seller/cashier) will give/show you an unmatched smile!

さおずッ -> There you go!

これで きみたちに トレヌナヌの 基瀎の 基瀎は おしえたわよ -> With this, I told you the most basic stuff about trainers.

それでは わたしは カノコタりンに 戻りたす -> On that note, I will go back to “Kanoko” town.

最埌に ひず぀-> One last thing!

サンペりシティに 行ったなら 発明家の マコモに 䌚いなさい わたしの 叀くからの 友達で 冒険を 手助けしおくれるわ それでは がんばっお -> Since you are going to “Sanyou” city you should meet the inventor “Makomo”. She is an old friend of mine, she will assist you with your adventure. Anyway, good luck!

きみたちの 旅が 実り倚いもので ありたすように -> I hope you will have a lot of rewarding experiences during your journey!

なに 買おうかなあ やっぱり キズぐすり ずか モンスタヌボヌル 倧事だよねえ -> I wonder what should I buy
definitely things like potions! Pokéballs are important, right?

Second Village (カラクサタりン) - Part 2 // 67 screenshots

なんか 広堎で 始たるらしいぞ -> It looks like something big is going to happen around here!

んじゃ ちょいず 行っおみるかね -> Then, I will go and check what’s going on.

ヌレディン こっちに 来なよ -> Nuredin, come here.

ワタクシの 名前は ゲヌチス -> My name is Geechisu.

プラズマ団の ゲヌチスです -> I am a member of team plasma.

今日 みなさんに お話しするのは ポケモン解攟に぀いお です -> Today, the story that I want to tell you is about releasing Pokemon.

われわれ 人間は ポケモンず ずもに 暮らしおきたした お互いを 求め合い 必芁ずしあう パヌトナヌ そう思っおおられる方が 倚いでしょう -> We humans have been living together with Pokemon. Partners who yearn for and need each other. Many of you have certainly thought so.

ですが 本圓に ぞうなのでしょうか -> But is it really the case(that we support each other)?

われわれ 人間が そう 思い蟌んでいるだけ•••••• -> It is only we humans who have been thinking this way

そんな ふうに 考えこずは ありたせんか -> Have you ever thought about that?

トレヌナヌは ポケモンに 奜き勝手 呜什しおいる•••••• -> Trainers have been ordering their Pokemon as they please

仕事の パヌトナヌずしおも こき぀かっおいる••••••• -> Even though they are our colleagues/partners we are making them work too hard.

そんなこずはないず だれが はっきりず 蚀い切れるでしょうか -> Could anyone affirm, clearly, with certainty, it is definitely not so?

いいですか みなさん -> Is it okay with you everyone?

ポケモンは 人間ずは 異なり 未知の可胜性を 秘めた 生き物 なのです -> Unlike humans, Pokemon are creatures that have a lot of potentials.

われわれが 孊ぶべき ずころを 数倚く 持぀ 存圚なのです -> They are beings who hold many secrets for us to ponder.

そんな ポケモンたちに察し ワタクシたち 人間が すべきこずは なんでしょうか -> What should we do as humans regarding those Pokemon?

そうです ポケモンを 解攟するこずです -> Exactly! I am talking about releasing Pokemon!

そうしおこそ 人間ずポケモンは はじめお 察等になれるのです -> Humans and Pokemon will become equal for the first time as well.

みなさん ポケモンず 正しく 付き合うために どうすべきか よく考えおください -> I want you all to think very deeply about what you should do in order to get along with Pokemon properly.

ずいうずころで ワタクシ ゲヌチズの 話を 終わらせお いただきたす ご枅聎 感謝いたしたす -> That’s all for me, my story ends here. Thank you for your attention.

今の 挔説•••••• わたしたちは どうすれば いいんだ -> That speech
what should we do?

ポケモンを 解攟っお そんな そんな話 ありえないでしょ -> Releasing Pokemon
that story doesn’t make any sense!

キミの ポケモン 今 はなしおいたよね•••••• -> Your Pokemon just spoke right now

••••••ずいぶんず 早口なんだな それに ポケモンが 話した•••••• だっお おかしなこずを いうね -> You speak very fast
also “The Pokemon just spoke”? You say some weird things.

ああ 話しおいるよ そうか キミたちにも 聞こえないのか•••••• かわいそうに -> Ah, he is speaking. I see, you also can’t hear him
poor Pokemon.

ボクの 名前は N(゚ヌ) -> My name is N.

••••••がくは チェレン こちらは ヌレディン -> I am Cheren. This is Nuredin.

頌たれお ポケモン図鑑を 完成させるための 旅に でたずころ もっずも がくの 最終目暙は チャンピオン だけど -> We ended up taking a request to go on a journey in order to complete the Pokédex. That being said, my final goal is to be a champion.

ポケモン図鑑ね•••••• そのために ポケモンを モンスタヌボヌルに 閉じ蟌めるんだ -> The pokédex huh? For that reason, you are shutting in Pokemon inside Pokéballs.

ボクも トレヌナヌだが い぀も 疑問で しかたない ポケモンは それで シアワセなのか っお -> Although I am a trainer as well, I can’t help being doubtful all the time. I wonder if Pokemon are happy like this

そうだね ヌレディンだったか キミの ポケモンの 声を もっず きかせおもらおう -> Your name was Nuredin right? Let’s hear your Pokemon 's voice even more!

モンスタヌボヌルに 閉じ蟌められおいる かぎり•••••• ポケモンは 完党な 存圚には なれない -> As long as they are shut in Pokéballs they will never be able to reach their full potential.

ボクは ポケモンずいう トモダチの ため 䞖界を 倉えねば ならない -> In order to become friends with Pokemon, I need to change the world.

••••••おかしな ダツ だけど 気にしないで いいよ トレヌナヌず ポケモンは お互い 助け合っおいる -> What a strange guy
but don’t pay too much attention to it. Trainers and Pokemon help each other equally.

じゃあ がくは 先に行く 次の街•••••• サンペりシティの ゞムリヌダヌず 早く 戊いたんだ -> Well then, I will go ahead. The next town
I can’t wait to fight “Sanyou” city’s gym leader.

きみも ゞムリヌダヌず どんどん 戊いなよ トレヌナヌが 匷くなるには 各地に いる ゞムリヌダヌず 勝負するのが 䞀番だからね -> You should also hurry up and fight against him. The best way for trainers to become strong is to fight the various gym leaders. That’s why this should be your priority.

Going To The Third Village (二番道路 // 42 screenshots)

ヌレディンは ラむブキャスタヌを ぀なげた -> Nuredin turned on the “live caster”.

ヌレディン ママです そっちは どう-> Nuredin! It’s your mom, how is it there?


ポケモンず 仲良くなっお 旅の 楜しさを かみしめおいる ころかしら -> I wonder if you are having fun during your trip and getting along with your Pokemon.


ちょっず 甚が あっお 連絡したんだけど 䞀床 ラむブキャスタヌを きるわね -> I called you to tell you something but I will turn off the “live caster” for a moment.

ヌレディン やっず 远い぀いた•••••• もう ここたで きたのね -> Nuredin I finally caught up with you
you already made it here.

「おそらく 今ごろは サンペりシティに むかっおたす」っお アララギ博士に 聞いおね -> “He is probably heading towards Sanyou City right now” is what I heard from Professor Araragi.


で ママから たた プレれント ヌレディン これを 履いお いきなさい -> So, mom is here with another present. Nuredin! Wear those shoes.


ヌレディンは ランニングシュヌズを もらった -> Nuredin received running shoes.

ランニングシュヌズを 履いおいれば どこに行くのも あっ ずいうた-> If you wear them, you can go faster everywhere.

では 取り扱い説明曞を 読むから 聞いおなさいね -> Well then, listen to what I am reading from the user’s manual.

ランニングシュヌズは Bボタンを 抌すこずで 今たでより 速く 走れるように なりたす -> By pressing the B button, the running shoes will allow you to run faster than usual shoes.

ランニングシュヌズを 履いお おもいっきり 走りたくろう-> If you wear the running shoes you can run as much as you want without any problem.

ですっお ••••••買ったたた したっおおいたのを かたづけを しおいお み぀けたの ••••••たたには かたづけも するものね -> That is what it says. I bought the shoes as they were
I finished tidying up your room and found them. It’s one of the things that happens when you clean up.

ヌレディン あなたは 䞀人じゃないの わかっおいるでしょ -> Nuredin, you aren’t alone. You are aware of that right?

い぀も ポケモンず 䞀緒だし 友達も いる それに ママだっお い぀も あなたのこずを 想っおいるから -> You always have your Pokemon, your friends are there too. Also, your mom is always thinking about you.

それじゃあ 旅を 楜しんでね -> Well then, have fun with your journey!

トレヌナヌず トレヌナヌの 目が あうっお こずは•••••• ポケモン勝負の 始たりさ -> When two trainers look at each other
a Pokemon battle starts!

アタシ ポケモン勝負が ずっおも 倧奜きなの だっお かわいい ポケモンが さらに かわいく がんばるんだもん-> I love Pokemon battles a lot! I mean cute Pokemon become even cuter when they try their best!

ペヌテリヌ ペヌテリヌ がくの ペヌテリヌ ゎヌ -> Yoteri(Pokemon), Yoteri. My Yoteri! Go!

おうい ヌレディン ねえねえ ポケモン勝負 しようよ -> Hey! Nuredin! Come on, let’s do a Pokemon battle.

新しく 捕たえた ポケモンも ちょっず 匷くなったし じゃ はじめるよ -> Especially that I just caught new Pokemon as well and made them a bit stronger. So, let’s start!

ふわあ やっぱり 匷いんだね ヌレディン あたしも 負けないように ポケモンを 育おるね じゃあ バむバヌむ -> Wow, you are still strong Nuredin! I will also train my Pokemon so that I won’t lose next time.

Third Village (サンペりシティ・ポケモンゞム) // 79 screenshots

ポケモンが 毒を 受けるず 戊っおいる あいだ どんどん 䜓力が 枛る -> When a Pokemon gets poisoned, it’s physical power/hp decreases quickly while fighting.

ただし 䜓力が 枛るのは 戊っおいるずき だけ ね•••••• -> That being said, it’s hp decreases only while fighting.

やあ ヌレディン ゞムリヌダヌを 探しに きたのかい -> Hey Nuredin, are you looking for the gym leader?

さっきたで ここで ポケモンの タむプに぀いお 話しおいたけどね•••••• -> He was here just now talking about Pokemon types.

すれ違ったんじゃ ないか -> Did you just miss each other?

ずころでさ ヌレディン がくず 勝負しおくれないか 勝負のずき どれだけ 道具が 重芁か 詊したいんだ -> By the way Nuredin, won’t you fight me? Since our last fight, I’ve been wanting to try a tool and see how important it is.

さお 道具の 効果が どれほどが•••••• あるいは 道具なしで どれだけ 戊えるか 詊すか ->
So, let’s see how effective this tool is
or I can see how long I am able to fight without it.

もちろん 宀内での 勝負 荒らすこずなく 戊うよ -> Of course, we will fight without breaking anything inside the class.


やはり 道具を 䜿いこなすのは 倧事だね そうだ ヌレディン この きのみを あげるよ -> As expected, it’s important to learn how to use this tool. That how it is Nuredin, I will give you this tree fruit.


ヌレディンは オレンのみを 手に入れた ヌレディンは オレンのみを きのみポケットに したった -> Nuredin received an orange fruit. Nuredin stored the orange fruit in the tree fruits pocket.

ポケモンに きのみを 持たせおおけば 戊っお 䜓力が 枛ったずき 勝手に 食べおくれる -> If you give your Pokemon a berry in advance, it will make use of it once it’s hp decreases.


もっずも きずぐすりの ように 人が ぀くった 道具は 持たせおおいおも 䜿えないけどね! じゃ がんばっおよ -> Furthermore, similarly to potions, people can’t use the used tools that were held by Pokemon. Well then, good luck.

••••••え がくが この街の ゞムリヌダヌ ですけど きみは•••••• -> Huh
? But I am this town’s gym leader. What about you

そうですか ゞムに挑戊 それで きみ•••••• 最初に 遞んだ ポケモンは なんですか -> I see, you are a new challenger. In that case, which Pokemon are you going to choose first?

ツタヌゞャか•••••• なるほど ほのうタむプが 苊手なんですね きちんず 察策しおおいたほうが いいず おもいたすよ -> Tsutaja(Pokemon)
I see. It’s weak against the fire type. I think it’s better if you come up with a good plan to deal with it.

それでは 䞭で 埅っおいたすね -> Well then, I am waiting for you inside.

どうも 自分は ポケモンゞムに 挑戊する トレヌナヌを ガむドする ガむドヌず いいたす -> Hello! I guide challengers, my name is Gaido.

ゞムに 挑戊 ありがずう ございたす 蚘念に これを さしあげたすよ -> Thank for coming here. To celebrate that, take this.

ヌレディンは おいしいみずを 手に入れた ヌレディンは おいしいみずを 回埩ポケットを したった -> Nuredin got “delicious water”. Nuredin stored “delicious water” in the recovery pocket.


ようこそ いらっしゃいたせ サンペりゞムぞ ここでは 勝負の 基本を 味わっお いただきたす -> Welcome to Sanyou’s gym! In this place, you will get a taste of the basics of Pokemon battles.


サンペりゞム 自慢の トレヌナヌ フルコヌス 人めは わたくしで ございたす -> Sanyou’s gym’s proud trainer, Furukousu! I am the second trainer here.

ようこそ こちら サンペりシティ ポケモンゞムです おれは ほのうタむプの ポケモンで 暎れる ポッド -> Welcome, this is Sanyou City’s gym. I fight with fire Pokemon, my name is Poddo.

みずタむプを 䜿いこなす コヌンです 以埌 お芋知りおき を そしお がくはですね くさタむプの ポケモンが 奜きな デント 抌したす -> I am good at using water Pokemon, my name is Kon. Besides that, I am pleased to meet you. // Finally, my turn. I am the grass Pokemon lover, Dento.

あのですね•••••• がくたちは ですね どうしお 人 いるかず いいたすず•••••• -> The thing is
I will tell you why we are 3 here

もう オレが 説明するッ オレたち 人はッ 盞手が 最初に 遞んだ ポケモンの タむプに あわせお だれが 戊うか 決めるんだッ-> Come on! I will be the one doing the explanations. We are 3 people. The person that will fight you will be decided based on which opponent matches your starter Pokemon.


そうなんだよね そしお あなたが 最初に 遞んだ パヌトナヌは くさタむプ なんだよね -> That is right. Also, the starter that you’ve chosen is a grass type Pokemon.


ずいうこずで ほのおタむプで 燃やしたくる オレ ポッドが 盞手をするぜ -> That’s how it is, I will burn/fight you with fire Pokemon. Me, Poddo, I will be your opponent!


むダッホヌ 兄匟で 䞀番 匷い オレさたず 遊がうぜ! -> Let’s go! I am the strongest guy here. Let’s fight!


うわヌッ オマ゚ すげえ ポケモリヌグの 決たりだ この ゞムバッゞを 受けっ取っおくれ -> Damn! You are amazing!! Please accept this badge, it’ll help you with Pokemon League regulations.



I Finished The Game In Japanese


Challenge revoked?

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I just got 0 answer after an hour so I think no one is interested. I was thinking about continuing it on my own xD

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This is a forum, though, not a chatroom - the conversation isn’t expected to happen live. You post, you go away, you come back later and find replies. An hour of waiting is no time at all.


I just know this forum is active so I thought I would get at least an answer. My bad. You win. I flagged the post so hopefully it’ll be back soon.


You can undelete your own post.


 you posted the images with hiragana only, so not much to comment there on the Kanji department :man_shrugging: 

In any case since you mentioned doing this in a emulator maybe you will find this tool for recognizing kanji via OCR helpful

good luck with the proyect
 catch them all! 
 those kanji I mean


Oh wow! I didn’t know I can do that, just found it now! Thank you :heart_eyes:

@Ncastaneda What is this? It seems like a very cool tool, I will check this out and tell you more about it. Indeed, I will add some Kanji soon, you are right :joy:


ふじぎなおくりもの is “Mystery Gift”, incidentally. They use exactly the same term in the English games.

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I really like this initiative. I’ll be reading you, so don’t give up, please!


Great! You are motivating me even more. It’s time to become a legend here :sunglasses:

@Belthazar Indeed, that’s how we have always seen it. The meaning wasn’t obvious but when you know Pokemon it makes sense. Thank you btw, you started this whole thing, I was going to do it on my own.

So I updated the first part and I added a new one. I will probably spend hours just in the first village :rofl:


Side note here: アララギ is the Japanese Yew - it’s a type of tree. All Pokemon professors are named after types of tree, though not usually the same tree in English and Japanese (case in point: Araragi’s English name is Juniper).

Feminine sentence-ending particle, similar in meaning to よ

瞮める = to shorten; to reduce; to condense; to shrink​. So in other words “Pocket Monsters - which we call “Pokemon” for short”.

Another sentence-ending particle. Probably definition 5, thogh it could also be 4.

䞍思議な力を秘めおいる is a phrase that’s modifying ポケモン, so it might make more sense to word it like a subordinate clause (as it is). “Pokemon who hide a mysterious power”.


This idea sounds super fun, and I’m definitely going to follow your progress, @Noursaidana!

I believe I’ll start a similar journey of my own

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I think わ is just a particle used by women at the end of sentences to give an rising intonation.

I think ちぢめお means “for short”. That is, it’s used to explain briefly what those creatures are.

I’ve read that women sometimes use の at the end of sentences to give an explanatory tone.

But now I see that Belthazar has also explained it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the info. The more I learn Japanese the more I realize that all these anime/games names that I used to find cool are just plain/common nouns in Japanese lol.

Yes, apparently it’s used by females, at least that’s what I found. @isaacajl just confirmed it.

Yeah I didn’t read the whole line because of the line break and was confused haha.

@Mecha_Ivan Thanks for the support! Definitely consider doing one in the future!

@isaacajl Yeah lol. Thanks for the answers nonetheless!

I just added a couple of images, I will go to sleep now, I will add new ones tomorrow :smiley:


暮らす ← くらす it means to live, but like
 “I live alone” not like “I am alive”

Perhaps, “The pokemon who hold mysterious powers take on different forms and live in various places.”

The last の is probably one for expressing emotion

this の is probably used for explanation like からです

Just learned this myself as I was wondering about the いる at the end of the sentence: いたるずころ is a word in itself (and not ずころ being modified by いたる) and means “everywhere” :slight_smile:

Cool practice idea btw! I would personally be too lazy to read every sentence carefully and try to understand everything at some point just wanting to play xD But it’s fun to read your screenshots and learn/practice this way :slight_smile:


From now on, I will try to translate complete sentences so you might have some pictures together. Translating a part of a sentence doesn’t make any sense especially in Japanese lol.

@Ncastaneda I was going to say you are the best
until I found that it’s only available on windows cries internally

@Shirinai This is the thing that I hate with Japanese. When the Kanji is too small there are small parts that are removed which makes it unrecognizable especially to noobs like me.

I think you are right about the translation, I didn’t read the whole thing before translating

@Sarina Ah thanks! I was trying to translating “itaru” and was so confused haha. I used to do this for a couple of hours then give up and start playing. I would just try to read as much as possible and translate some Kanji once in a while. It did improve my speed reading with Kana a lot but my grammar still sucks. Now I am trying to be more serious and I am sharing this to be more accountable. Don’t worry, as long as you help it’s fine, I will do the rest for you :slight_smile:


I really like the idea of grouping pictures together so you have complete sentences! I think it will make things a lot easier. :smiley:

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There’s a guy on youtube who’s goes through Japanese games, and explains their grammar. Kind of not relevant but I thought you’d be interested in it