Game Gengo - N4 grammar overview

We had a thread for the Grammar overview N5, the premiere for N4 is today.
I’m not paid by Game Gengo, but I think it’s a really good channel.


I used their N5 video to advance my grammar. :nerd_face:

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I didn’t even know this existed. It’s so amazing :0 Thaaaank you!


You probably know “Yuta” who always says that he “teaches the kind of Japanese that people in Japan speak today”.

Well, Game Gengo teaches the kind of Japanese, that video games today use, because I’m not going to Japan anytime soon, that’s way more interesting to me.

Two other channels I’d recommend are “Game Grammar” (similar idea) and Sarah Moon Japanese (she teaches Genki style, but also via Anime episodes, especially Sailor Moon).


Huge thanks) I was actually looking for some channels featuring gaming vocab or something similar. Slowly transitioning from a game addict into a Japanese language addict. xD


My goal is to pick up Japanese games and play them with the same ease I can play them in English or my native language. Most games I like are so inherently Japanese that it’s just fitting to be able to enjoy them the way they were intended.

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That’s something I’m looking forward to as well, but it’s more of a distant future goal for me since I’m only halfway through N5 atm.

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It takes time.

I’m always experimenting with games in Japanese, but it’s ridiculous how much I have to look up :smiley: I’m VERY FAR AWAY from just pick up and play.

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When I get a new game I tend to stick to English to not risk missing any of the main plot but going back to games I’ve played before in Japanese is great.

I try and play RingFit everyday and changing that to Japanese has been great practice. So many verbs used and set phrases and since most of the actions are supported by guides of how to move, it’s easy to pick up new things.

I also play FFXIV online and you can switch the game voice and text to Japanese and play on a Japanese server. The amount of Kanji is quite advanced so I’ll likely play this more when I’m further along with WK but it’s great for getting to chat with native Japanese speakers! :slight_smile:

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I had no idea such a resource existed! I’m still halfway through Genki 1 but his N5 video looks to be awesome! Going to go through the whole thing and rewatch it multiple times in the background to help reinforce everything. Thank you very much for sharing! ありがとうございます


Ooh, I’m pleased to see this exists!
I really enjoyed the N5 one :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wanted to be able to enjoy games and other Japanese media untranslated too. Ironically I stopped playing games because due to limited time I had to choose studying over gaming. Fast forward a few years and I am able to to play games in Japanese but I barely have interest in games any more :sweat_smile:

I still love watching anime though :wink:


Wow, that’s so good, even as just a review. Cheers :smiley::+1:

Nice!! I’m so stoked for this! Thank you!

This guy is the Antithesis to Misa, even in a 4 hour video you have to pause, because I want to have a look at all the sentences from the games :smiley:

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I’m a huge fan of this dude’s content, he has really fast and quick grammar and vocab breakdowns that I’ve really enjoyed. Definitely not the best way to learn new points, but they’ve been great for reviewing and for picking up unusual vocab that I don’t see on the daily.

Super excited to see an N4 grammar video and maybe I’ll hold out hope that he’ll drop a huge N3 or N2 video someday lmao

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What will be the times then?

6 hours N3, 8 hours N2, 10 hours N1 based on the previous two videos :smiley:

On another note, it’s really strange what is considered a “grammar” point. Most of it is actually just “words”.

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From what I recall from when I used Bunpro, this seems just about right.

Yeah I’ve found this as well. Anything past N4 seems to be idioms more often than not.

I had a look through and I probably know about half of the N3-N1 stuff just from reading.

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Yeah formally I’m not even finished with N4, but I know this and that which is considered “higher level” from just looking up stuff I encountered in the wild.

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