(The increasingly less) Daily senryu thread

Administrivia and the mythical senryu dashboard script

One thing that I’ve neglected to mention before:

For readability, it would be great if the translation submissions had the readings written with furigana rather than a separate line of kana. Furigana is written in HTML using the <ruby> markup element — easily created on these forums with the excellent IME2Furigana user script. Several submissions have done this, and while it’s appreciated, it’s actually caused me slightly more daily work.

Unfortunately, Google spreadsheets won’t display <ruby> markup correctly. Worse, when I cut and paste Japanese text with furigana it removes all the markup and just puts the kana immediately after the kanji (without html tags or even the IME2Furigana notation).

So until I figure out something better, I’d prefer submissions with just a kana-only line for the reading. For example:

divorced but still / living together. / odd dynamic

Notes about the eventual script

What I’d REALLY like, though, is a column in the spreadsheet using IME2Furigana notation. Something like this:


Then in the app it would render in the eventual dashboard script like this:


(where you have to click on the furigana to see it).

But that’s an utter PITA to type, so for the time being just continue to submit plain kana if you don’t mind (I had to escape every angle bracket and curly brace with a preceding backslash).

I’m envisioning that the script will contain a hard-coded “database” that’s just a line of text for each senryu, with the original in IME2Furigana “spoiler” notation and the English translation delimited somehow.

The script will then create the blurred furigana using <ruby> tags, implement click-to-unblur, and add a button to show the English translation.

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