The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Level 16 was a hard one, yo. I’m not sure my lessons are going to stick right away this time either, but I got them done.


4th submission here: level 8. :tada: I really hope I can keep this up. :sweat_smile:



you can do anything, bro. you’re in wanikaniland, where we move mountains using only force of will :slight_smile:


This week has been very hard on me, so kept falling behind on my reviews. I was able to get the late levels done more or less on time (so no apprentice item got left too long), then I got through my gurus, and now finally finished of my master items which came in almost a week ago. But, had a 0/0 on 17, and this is the 0/0 of 18, so 18/18 streak still going =)


Off topic:

What script gives you this Leeches counter?


I think this might be it: [Unsupported] Leech training script

Honestly haven’t used it much. I’m more of a “ignore abuser” (if I don’t learn it now, I’ll catch it later in context somewhere)
I will be doing “burn reviews” and redo any items I fail then instead.
The number of items I fail are fairly low anyway, but when I let them become leeches it brought me down to a point where I stressed more and thus failed more.
Either that or I just know the items too well since this is the third round =P (done level 1-18 3 times now, as I’ve reset (complete reset back to level 1) from 20 and 42)


Surprisingly few lessons on this level.
Looking at the kanjis from last level, I noticed that I am starting to get some of the infamous “no vocab” kanjis :confused:
(Still my highest apprentice count ever, I think)

Edit: I also just noticed my review count for tomorrow.
Oh boy :sweat_smile:


i wonder, if there’s no vocab for a kanji, why learn it? what’s it good for if no words containing it exist? could frame it and hang it on the wall, but… ^^;


There are two cases:

  • The kanji actually has vocab, but it’s not on WK (that’s the case here)
  • The kanji is only used in name (then you don’t need to learn it, except if you want to try the kanken pre-level 1)


Yeah, but that doesn’t really answer @OmukaiAndi’s question in my opinion. Your 2 points are valid and I agree, but does that mean that it’s necessary to learn them without anything to associate them with? Because if I have a kanji without vocab associated, I could very much just learn it later.

Sure, learning is learning. But I think we should be allowed to be practical as well, u know what I mean? :man_shrugging:


yeah, i wonder why they make you learn kanji that never pop up, but instead leave out characters like 匂, doesn’t make sense. what am i missing?


I’m not sure if the initial intention was to also add vocab to those kanji and that task ended up not being finished… or if it’s something else? :thinking:

Because again, I agree with Naph’s pov, but isn’t WK’s opinion to teach vocab in order to consolidate kanji? :man_shrugging: Not that I’m complaining. Learning is learning.


Yeah, I hope they do add vocabs for them soon, cause without it it does feel pointless… Sure, I’d rather learn more than less, but I’d rather learn it better :wink:
Without vocab it will be forgotten.
And as far as I understand there are some important kanji missing

Both N1, G6/9 and Frequency 1500 are missing some elements. Would love to see these, and up to frequency 2000 (possibly even 2500), completely fulfilled =)
The last ones could contain more specialty items, so that’s OK, but JLPT, Joyo and Frequency feels important enough to complete =^_^=


yeah, i was under the impression that wk included all useful kanji, but left the obscure ones out - the opposite seems to be the case towards the end :confused:


I think this is mostly true still though, just not completely optimized =)


hope they’ll get to that one day :slight_smile:


Heeey it’s the newbie wanting to jump on the bandwagon after it’s too late xD

I’m supposed to get over a hundred lessons on monday, hope I can make it back here then haha


you’re not fresh meat anymore the moment you hit lvl 11. you’re close :sunny:


Yeah, I think they expected to add more vocab. I guess that plan went south when they started redesigning some parts of the site (which includes the now infamous radical overhaul).
I guess we just have to wait…
Or not. I actually have 亮然 in my old Anki deck. I may add it to Kitsun when things get less busy.

In the mean time, I’m learning those kanjis ‘cause WK won’t let me level up if I don’t.


Ok, there’s worse on level 52.
Not only do they not have words for 乃, but the reading they give does not seem to be the most frequent based on the sample words on Kanjipedia.
Plus, I guess the most common place to see that guy is in place/people names, in which case it uses yet another reading (の)