The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Just to give another point of view, I am going at (near) max speed and do 20~30 lessons per day on the slow levels (40~50 a day on the fast level).

I used to do all lessons at once for a while, but I really regretted it once burn reviews sarted rolling in.


Throwback to “I’m fine with doing the lessons in 1 row” :stuck_out_tongue::green_heart:


To be fair, it would be fine with the scatter from Kitsun.


Ayy, back to 0/0 after a 2-day ‘do nothing’ break. Got myself into a 250+ review hole, many of them apprentice items. Dug back out, failed a lot as expected - went from about 12 leeches to 50. That’s ok, though.

(Now to get 0/0 on the message board - 0 new, 0 unread. That’s even harder.)


Got it down to 120 lessons today, then I come home and have 120 reviews. So now I’m at 120/120 lol.

Time to do some reviews :smile:


That’s the way to go. Usually when you level up, you will always get a huge amount of lessons. Those consists of old level Vocabulary, new level Kanji and new level Radicals.

I’m doing average speed at the moment (10 days/levels), and I always do all the radical first, because they are easy, and then 15 kanji and 15 vocab each days until all the kanji is done, and then all the vocab.

If you want to maximize speed, one thing that can be improve is to take all the radical AND kanji in the first day, then just 20 vocabs a days.


I’ve thought about it, but for now I’m doing it WK style. No user scripts.


In the beginning, I used to wonder why such a thread even exists, isn’t it natural to always be 0/0?
Oh boy, how naive I was…


So I leveled up to 6 but I’ve been doing a little bit of the lessons and I’m still just getting vocab from level 5. I haven’t even hit any radicals for level 6. I had 150 lessons when I first leveled up, now its down to 90. Seems like I still have a lot of vocab on level 5, so idk when I’m gonna start getting the radicals.


You can use a reorder script to get the radical lessons first.
That’s the easiest way to level up at a regular pace.
(The other way would be to do enough lessons in one sitting to get the radicals)


First Enlightened Items :metal:

Two things I learned this level so far:

  1. Doing no lessons whatsoever but only reviews a day every now and then is very refreshing. (I did like 40 lessons a day and it actually started feeling like a chore. I’ll stick to around 20 lessons each day for now.)

  2. I shouldn’t do all reviews for the whole day in a single session. I think my next day count was never that high before lol.


That’s probably because you are getting enlightenment reviews now. If you were doing 40 lessons a day, that’s 40 extra review per day from now on.


Wow, life got in the way hard, and I didn’t think I would get to 0/0 this time.
And yet, here we are, with just a bit over 15h to spare :slight_smile:


I got to level 6 recently too and I got very unease by having 150 items in apprentice, actually I believe it would be more efficient to unlock next level lessons more gradually instead of everything when you git 90% because as you are also experiencing there’s very clear ups and downs in the workload…

too many apprentice items :frowning: I’d like a constant stream instead of getting hammered very time I level up, it really impacts my motivation.


well so, last summer during exam time i stopped doing my reviews properly but i still had the will to learn the kanji and radicals to continue leveling up. and then after exams i went to japan where i also didnt had time really. (i still did about 150 reviews a day and lessons every now and them) but i always had between 600 and 3000 reviews (yes 3000 is my record) and about 400 lessons.

since then i have gone down to 0/0 three times, last time yesterday, but even though its now month after my delirium i still get about 300 to 400 new reviews a day. (not really a problem to be honest, can do those is just under an hour), but let me tell you always to your reviews. most people wont have the iron will i have to power though all that


all lessons are done. did radicals/kanji a few hours earlier, but the vocab was easy this time. i’ll probably stumble a few times over 台詞 tho, i mostly see this in katakana in the wild.


Took two hours but I managed to get through my new lessons. Next up is the monster review stack in the morning!


After 3 months of 300 backlog hell I’m back at 0/0. Feels goooooood!


It feels so good to finally get to 0/0 :relaxed:




Edit: 1200th post booyah. I don’t normally get 0/0 because I only do 10-20 lessons a day so I never catch the end of the vocab before the start of the next level radicals.