The 0/0 Streak Challenge


awesome :wink:


Haven’t seen this in a looong time:


look at this, terrible. i’ll have to take the hit and lose a few hours it seems.



Burning the midnight oil, eh?


waiting for my wife to come out of the shower so i can get in :wink:


I’m sure she’s waiting for you to join her…


she’d kill me if i did that, hehe



Guru’d all radicals so far, review’d the second wave of Kanji.


Today was a busy day for me, as mondays and thursdays tend to be, but I did it. Passed to level11 at 10 am, did radicals right away and kanjis soon after, and vocab throughout the day. Managed to get radicals and most of 1st batch kanjis to apprentice II. Overall it must have been 103 lessons and 600 reviews today. Seems like I’m ready to understand pain.




I went on a trip down memory lane and read this thread again (well, scrolled through it). And it wasn’t my highest count, as I had a 159.
But that point is now moot.

About reading through the thread, it also crazy to see how far a lot of us have got since this all started. (And also sad to see the gray remnants of people who aren’t with us anymore :cry:)

Additional remark: I post way too much in here.


Here’s 39! And I’m actually on track to finish this one in less than 9 days which is great compared to the last few


i saw so so many dead people when i returned, i felt like a 100 year old whose friends are all dead.

made new friends now, so it’s not graveyard atmosphere anymore.


Can a level 60 complain about 0/0/1 in here?! :man_facepalming:


Yes! Level 19!


Tomorrow is not a small day in reviews O_o
But hey! 19/19 streak going!


It’s been a while, but here’s level 36!


0/0 from hell, 6h before leveling up.


rest of the second batch learned, now it’s in my digestive tract, waiting to turn into a nice levelup.


Level 40! Finally on a nice roll again. Looking like another under 8 day level