Test our sale page and get Lifetime early!

The WaniKani Sale doesn’t officially start until the 16th, but we’re running a live test of our sale page until the end of the day :timer_clock: For those of you who can’t wait another week, come test out our pages and also purchase the discounted Lifetime earlier than everyone else (assuming this works :crossed_fingers:)!

Here are some things to look for :bowing_woman:t2:

  • Does the page work / look okay on your browser?
  • If you’re logged in and have an active monthly or annual subscription, does it show the prorated price? As in, you should get an estimate that’s less than the standard sale price of $199.
    • Note: If you paid via Paypal you won’t see the prorated price, though, and will need to email in (hello@wanikani.com) to upgrade with proration applied.
  • If you go through with upgrading (warning: it’s real and will charge your account, so don’t do it unless you actually want to upgrade), does it work? Did you get charged the correct amount and are you Lifetime now?

Here are a few of the sale page variations you can try.

Thanks in advance for all your help! We did this last year and it was great having live feedback. Comment below with any issues you find (or send us a chat) :pray:


I have a monthly / annual membership. Can I apply those payments to Lifetime?

You can! If you have an active membership, we will automatically prorate any unused time towards the cost of Lifetime. Log in and check out the subscriptions page to see if you are eligible for an additional proration discount.

You may want to be more careful with this wording. Some people in the past have asked if they can apply past, fully used payments towards lifetime membership. I know that after the “you can” it explains that it’s specifically to “prorate any unused time”, but I’d be concerned that some people will see “you can” and move on. If you don’t want to change the wording, maybe at least bold some or all of “prorate any unused time”, to draw attention to it?



I went through Variation 3 and everything looked good as far as I could tell.

Yes, it told me $142 on the landing page and on the confirmation page, and the same amount (except for cents) is in the e-mail receipt.

My bank account shows a charge of €118.36, which appears to match the $142 figure.


The forum badge is still blue, but I suppose it will sync eventually.


99¢ incorrect review undo micro-transactions. We’re hoping to get these launched by April 1, 2021.

You should do this for real though. :slight_smile:


I put it in italics for the word ‘active’ for this post but we’ll bold the ‘active’ part on the sale pages, thanks.


Thanks for testing it and checking out for real :tada: And yeah the forum badge will sync eventually :sparkles:

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@xyrill The forum badge immediately sync when you log out and log back in. Otherwise if it is like the level it will take time that feels like forever to sync.

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I went through variation 1.

Everything worked, my card was charged $199 and my status shows “lifetime”.

I think there wasn’t really a proration because I had the monthly plan and my next billing date would have been 12/22.


Works well, as evidenced by my lifetime subscription! Went through variation 1. Not too sure about the proration accuracy since I’m working in Canadian dollars ($260 CAD charged from $195 USD). In any case, I’m glad to be here for the long-haul.

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Welcome to Lifetime :crabigator: :durtle_noice:!

And yeah it wasn’t a huge proration. To be exact, it was 59 cents :sweat_smile:


I’ve been waiting for the sale to start so I’m delighted to get a chance to get in early!

  • Does the page work / look okay on your browser?
    All 4 variations displayed perfectly! I’m using Chrome.
    Not sure whether you are interested in opinions, but the first variation was my favourite.

  • If you go through with upgrading, does it work? Did you get charged the correct amount and are you Lifetime now?
    It went through, I’ve been charged what looks like the correct amount to me for my currency (£150.50). I’m lifetime and I’m so pleased about it :slight_smile:


I went through variation 1 to purchase and the proration was there on the subscribe button and worked fine. I also received a confirmation email and my credit card was charged. I did click through all variations and they all looked good in Safari.

As a consumer, seeing “$100 off” looked more appealing than “33% off.” I’m sure you have done all of your research on that though haha. It was nice to see how transparent Tofugu/Wanikani is about how difficult the language learning process is and how you don’t try to sugarcoat it or treat your process as a “miracle cure” for kanji learning. You just say that, yep, our product works really well if you use it consistently and you will definitely learn kanji faster if you use it right. So thank you for all of the hard work all of you do to make our Japanese study that much easier and more fun. Oh, and the bit about the pandemic in variation 1 was a nice touch.


Awesome, thanks! Congrats on the lifetime :tada: :crabigator: Just checked and your proration was correct!

Thanks for letting us know! Welcome to lifetime :durtle_noice:

Aw, glad you liked that part about not sugarcoating. We definitely don’t want to give false hope by saying you’ll become fluent in X days…it’s not all that easy!


i used variation 3

i laughed at the the paragraphs before the honmono

got this as a check price

scrolled down to see my bank details which were still up to date

saw this


clicked once and proceeded to mildly panic…

went back to the forum, signed out and in again and i had indeed turned purple (not from the panic)

new lifetime member: woohoo!

i was really surprised at the no confirmation page prior payment or after though… ma heart!!


I just read through Variation 1, and I stumbled across this phrase:

Can I pay via Paypal?
Sure. Send an email to hello@wanikani.com and we’ll make it happen. We’ll send you a Paypal invoice for a Lifetime upgrade at the sale price plus any proration you may be eligible for.

Shouldn’t that actually be “minus any proration”?

Greetings from my mathematical soul :laughing:


depends whether they store the proration as a neg number or not hehe!


I read this as “fluent in X rays”

Wow saibaneko-さん is now purple badge. Congrats!


this year is possibly definitely the year that the Cosmic Crabigator descends from the heavens to choose those that are worthy.

What will you do with all this Lifetime money?
Continue work on our beautiful, walled-in compound, to which only Lifetime members will be invited upon completion.

But how will we get to the walled-in compound if we’re all on the Cosmic Crabigator? Or is the compound being built in space? :grin:


I just happened across this after following the link in the “You okay?” email, so, I’m not sure which variation that would be. I was successfully upgraded, and I appear to have been charged correctly (no proration).
I would suggest that the down arrows that appear to be intended to guide you down the page through the different sections be a more eye catching color. Your on-theme pink would be great. Same for the submit button all the way at the bottom.


Hey, welcome to the community! And congrats on your new and shiny purple badge :star_struck:

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