Black Friday sale?

I’ve just completed level 3! That means my free ride is over. I fully intend to subscribe, but since Black Friday is this week I wanted to ask if WaniKani historically has Black Friday deals?

I do see in similar topics that there are sales around new years. What is the discount, usually? Wondering if it makes sense to pay for 2 months to get to New Years and then take advantage of the sale.



They have always done a Christmas sale, which is lifetime for $200 instead of $300.

They don’t typically have sales on monthly or yearly, but they did lower both prices permanently a few years ago. So they used to be about 10% higher.


In the past years it was Christmas sale. Last year it started on December 18. The discount was 100$ off lifetime. The thread:

If you plan to get lifetime, you can get annual subscription right now, and unused portion of your annual subscription will be credited toward lifetime upgrade.


A tip, if you want to subscribe with a discount before the Christmas sale so you keep your kanji journey moving:

Chat with their support folks. Email or chat will work.
Say something like:

“I am hoping to subscribe but before I do, I like to save money. Is there any chance there are available discount codes you can share with me? Pretty please?”

This is how I scored a 20% off coupon in July when I put in a year subscription.

And if you go with the year subscription now but know you want in on the Christmas sale, they apparently credit any remaining money in your subscription toward the lifetime buy.

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