Lifetime Sale (Test) today until 3PM PST!

Hey WK Forum Members,

Happy holidays! :crab::crocodile::snowflake:

From now until 3PM PST, we’re running a live test of our sale page ahead of our official sale, which begins on Wednesday, December 20th. If you don’t want to wait until next week, you’ll have the next few hours to check out our sale page and upgrade to Lifetime!

:new: If you currently have a monthly or annual subscription, the proration amount will be automatically refunded after you purchase Lifetime. You’ll be asked to pay the full sale price of USD 199.00 (+tax) and you won’t see a proration discount on the final checkout screen. Rest assured, you will receive your refund as Stripe (our payment processor) cancels your current subscription and automatically upgrades you to Lifetime. The refund will be credited to the card you used last on your recurring subscription. You’ll receive an email about the refund from Stripe as well.

  • Note: If you used PayPal for your active, recurring subscription but you’d like to upgrade to Lifetime with a credit card, you’ll need to email us at for the proration refund.

While you’re in the middle of upgrading to Lifetime, we would love if you are able to check the following:

  • Does the page work/look okay in your browser?
  • If you went through with the upgrade, did it work? Did you get upgraded to Lifetime status?
  • If you had an active, recurring subscription before the upgrade, were you notified by email regarding your proration refund?

Here are a few of the sale page variations you can try:

FYI: Sale dates will be updated on the page after this sale test.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help us out! We really appreciate it! :raised_hands::heart:

Comment below with any issues you find, send us a chat, or email Happy studying! :nerd_face:


Pages look good for me on Chrome, upgrade worked, mails arrived, refunds worked as well. Starting today, I’m a happy Wanikani lifer :smiley:


Everything worked fine for me on Chrome. The emails arrived and the banners on the wk homepage updated as well.


Read it out of curiousity if anything changed.
I’d like to point out that the april fools joke is a year too early.


Everything functioned smoothly for me on Safari. Got upgraded to Lifetime, received an E-Mail about the Lifetime-Subscription as well as the successful refund. Glad to be a Lifer!


Everything worked properly with Firefox. All page variants are correct, the upgrade was successful, all emails were sent and received, the card was changed, and the refund was issued as expected.


Everything worked fine for me on Chrome. Upgrade successful and emails were sent.


Hey zehnzen! Really good catch! We will get that changed for the actual sale!

-Nick at WK


Whohou, i’m part of the pink club now!

Page looked ok.
Upgrade and refund worked well.
Chrome on linux, Variation 1.

Thank you for your hard work.

  • iPad 11 / Safai
  • Used Variation 1 link for purchase. Checked all variations, each one looked fine.
  • Upgrade process worked, I got a Lifetime status :slight_smile:
  • I got an email about refund for remaining subscription.

Was down to my last 15 free lessons and was planning on upgrading. Couldn’t be luckier to get a 100 bucks off. I upgraded on chrome and it worked great!


#pink 桃色



KaiserFranz IS A LIFER!
…but that won’t stop him from trying to reach lvl. 60 next year!

Everything worked smoothly, got the mail and the refund for subscription.


I was able to follow the upgrade link via the banner on the dashboard page, and then upgraded without issue.

I immediately received the email for the prorated refund, as well.

  • Mozilla Firefox running on Windows 11
  • Went through variation 3 and everything looked good
  • Received the lifetime membership and email confirmation
  • Refund came is right afterwards :+1:

Am I the only one here that is not a lifer?

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The fact that this segment is entirely a joke is… odd, I’d say.


There are many learners who are on freemium, monthly and annual plans! If you’re interested in lifetime, I would complete the first 3 levels first before making the commitment. The actual sale starts next week! :slightly_smiling_face:

@taiyousea Or…is it? is

-Nick at WK