Lifetime Sale (Test) for the next few hours!

Happy holidays :crabigator: :heart:

The WaniKani Sale for Lifetime Membership will officially start next Monday, Dec. 19th (surprise :raised_hands:!), but we’re running a live test of our sale page for the next few hours​:hourglass_flowing_sand: From now until 1PM PST, the Lifetime plan can be purchased for $199 USD instead of $299 USD. If you don’t want to wait until next week for the sale to start, come check out our sale page now and purchase the discounted Lifetime early!

Note: We are not accepting PayPal or gift purchase requests during this sale test. Those options will be available during the sale, but today, we’re only testing our sale page.

While you’re in the middle of upgrading to Lifetime, it’d be very helpful if you can check the following:

  • Does the page work / look okay on your browser?
  • If you’re logged in and have an active monthly or annual subscription, does it show the prorated price for Lifetime? In other words, you should get an estimate that’s less than the standard sale price of $199 USD.
    • Note: If you paid via Paypal for your current plan, you won’t see the prorated price, and will need to email in ( to upgrade with proration applied.
  • If you go through with upgrading, does it work? Did you get charged the correct amount and are you Lifetime now?
    • WARNING: It’s real and WILL charge your account, so don’t do it unless you actually want to upgrade.

Here are a few of the sale page variations you can try:

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help!

Comment below with any issues you find, send us a chat, or email!


I didn’t have any problems, I got a pro-rated price compared to my current subscription.
Everything worked perfectly on my side :smile:


Awesome, welcome to lifetime :tada: !


I was able to upgrade just fine, no issues. Thanks for the early lifetime!

Looked and worked great here

Thanks a lot!
In the frequently asked questions I think there is a problem with the promotion period ^^

WaniKani Lifetime memberships are on sale from December 13, 2022 until December 13, 2022.

That’s just referring to the test sale, which is lasting a few hours. The “official” sale starts next Monday.

Going to upgrade now. Not sure if intentional but variation 3 (fresh) thinks that I am not signed in and shows me a ‘Sign Up’ button instead of ‘Get Lifetime’ - clicking it redirects me to WK dashboard saying ‘you are already signed in’

All other variations work fine and show the ‘Get Lifetime’ button

Chrome 108.0.5359.99, Win 11

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Website looks OK (firefox + windows 10), pro-rates correctly I think (shaved off just over half of my monthly subscrition price), billed correctly.

Mine worked perfectly as well! The only issue I ran into was that it asked me to make the payment method I had on file my default, which was a super easy change. Other than that it pro-rated it, and worked as planned!

Thank you!

Yeah that’s fine. We just listed all the variations so people can check it out, even if it doesn’t apply to you and your specific account type.

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Everything worked for me as well!

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Glad it worked. I think that’s a new update from Stripe, our payment processor.

What’s the formula for the prorated price?

When I click on this button it just sends me to that exact page again, which is kinda stupid. Is that intentional?

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After reading the text of each closer, that makes a lot of sense!! Payment worked perfectly, thank you :slight_smile:

I’m a member since March 2022 and I only see the full $199,- price (using Firefox). I don’t know how the prorated price is calculated but I think I should see a reduction on that $199,- price?

Edit - nvw, I had to click on the Lifetime subscription before the prorated price showed up. I paid $90,- so far and I get a reduction of $6,91, is that correct? I’d expected most of that $90,- to be reducted on the full price :-/

I see you’re on a monthly plan and as of today, your proration is around $6.90. You should see the full proration discount once you go to the check out page. The subscription page will only show $199 until you click and go further.

Stripe (Payment processor) automatically calculates your proration based on how much remaining time you have left on your current subscription. If you’re on a monthly subscription, your proration is based on how many days you have left before your renewal.

What do you mean ‘that exact page’? One of the variations?

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I mean on the subscription page. Not the variations, not sure if that page is actually relevant to this test though. In the case of those variation pages I however do not see the prorated price.

I know it can be a bit confusing but proration is only based on your current subscription not previous subscriptions, and is calculated based on the time you’ve already paid for but haven’t used yet. Previous ones don’t stack up unfortunately as you’ve already used that time on WaniKani. Each month is a new subscription.