Suggestions for "Visually Similar Kanji"

I was reading something and found the kanji 凝 that looks quite similar to 疑 so It would be nice if they had a relationship in the “Visually Similar Kanji” section.

Also, a search by radicals would be nice.

Thank you!

(I know I can shoot 'em an email but this seems so tiny that I don’t want to bother them with a support email, it’s just a suggestion after all)


How about tagging someone? :3

who? like @cyruss? To ask him (a) could this suggestion be possible? and (b) was he a wanikanier that later joined the tofugu team?

There are a plethora of missing visually similar kanji, even when there’s just 1 stroke different like 村 and 材. Ill have to bookmark this thread and come back every time I think of or find one.

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You can try my script, it has many more similar kanji and also can also show during reviews and lessons.

In my opinion there are so many visually similar kanji adding them by hand is a total waste of time, I wouldn’t expect anything from the standard similar kanji section as it is done at the moment.


@anon20839864 manages the kanji, so she’d be the person to talk to about adding new visually similar examples.

To answer your other question, no, I didn’t start using WaniKani until I joined the team. :slight_smile:


I’ve literally send them an email about a single typo xD They were appreciative of it, so I’d say it’s fine :grin:


Boi you’re gonna hate me when I get my hands on that book. :wink:


No I won’t, I’ll love you more :rofl: If someone thinks that having other people use their own time (that won’t ever come back) to give you feedback for free is annoying… well… change your 考え方 asap plz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve sent emails about typos too!

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I’ve been working on something for a while that I’m gonna release very soon.

Here’s a sneak peek:

It’s an evolution of an experiment I worked on in the past (here: A tool to show useful aggregated data based on your WK level (homonyms, frequency, part of speech, ...))

I also took inspiration from @acm2010’s script after that. (I really love your script and can’t live without it!) But I wanted something a bit less attached to WK, and a bit more in line with other features (Homonyms/Synonyms/… for vocabs)

Will do a post here on WK once I do (very likely by this weekend)


This has been the best script to manage visually similar kanji because it allows editing the list yourself. It’s helped immensely for me since there are some similarities that cause me more issues that others. I would consider this script to be mandatory for increasing odds on making it all the way through WK - I wished I had it from the very beginning.

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Have a look at this: Introducing Niai: Lookup similar Kanjis, Homonyms, Synonyms

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Huh? The difference between 凝 and 疑 is that one has the ice radical on the left. If you put hand radical on the left you get 擬. Instead of thinking of these as some special kind of “visually similar” characters, you would be better off to understand how kanji are made of radicals.

This particular one (凝 ) is composed with a base character on the right and the radical on the left, which is perhaps the most common form of composition.

Hi! I LOVE your Niai Similar Kanji script, but since the last time I reloaded it (version 1.3.6) it breaks lessons, and I have to turn it off when doing lessons. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a known bug? (I tried it on Safari and Chrome with same behavior: after entering one answer in a Lesson Quiz, I get thrown out to a new lesson session)

@anon20839864, can you add and as visually similar kanji? I just got them mixed up in my review. Thanks!


it’s actually the other way around – the visually similar kanji function helps you to figure out that these kanji are different in the first place. because our memorization works by way of general impressions and not memorization of every finite detail. for example, i thought 援 was actually 授, but since WaniKani doesn’t originally specify 援 and 授 as “visually similar,” i didn’t know which kanji I had confused it with

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