Introducing Niai: Lookup similar Kanjis, Homonyms, Synonyms

I started working on this out of a serious need. I went about collecting various dictionaries in the wild and then aggregating data.

Niai is a web app with 3 main features:

  • Lookup similar Kanjis

Type any amount of kanjis you want to lookup, the result will come back with a list of similar kanjis per each kanji. An example with 「枝方寄」:

The inspiration for this is @acm2010’s script

  • Lookup Homonyms

Those are words with same readings but possibly different meanings. An example with 「かえる」:

  • Lookup Synonyms

Simple enough, those are words sharing similar meanings. An example with “affection”:

This started as an experiment here: A tool to show useful aggregated data based on your WK level (homonyms, frequency, part of speech, ...)

A dark theme is also available!

Switch the theme from the button in the bottom left corner.

Kanji cards contain links to the WK level it’s introduced at, as well as a quick link to Jisho. Kanji and Vocab cards also display (and are ordered by) the frequency of the character or term (this is obtained from Innocent Corpus).

I also publish a swagger document for the api:
You’re free to use it however you like. Right now there’s no versioning but I’ll try to keep it backward compatible.

The whole thing is open sourced on github: Any suggestions/contributions are very welcome!


Awesome stuff! I think you forgot to add the link to the actual site, though. :wink:


Oh god :joy: Thanks


Thanks for the site, I’m bookmarking it as I always confuse something :eyes:


Great work and thanks for sharing! I needed this for my Kanji journey and it’s always fun to check similarities and homonyms and what not


Thank you!!

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Thank you so much!

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This is really impressive, did you enter the data yourself? If so then wow that must’ve taken a lot of your time

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Thanks but I definitely didn’t heh. That would take me many lifetimes. I used several dictionaries and then aggregated the data into several feature categories. (The tool that does that is open sourced in the repo)

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Looks awesome, but seems like the website is down. Is it down for good?


I’m having trouble keeping up with payments. There is a very unique situation in my country regarding international payments, and it’s getting worse each day. I have a limit (~$50) a month, and this month I wasn’t able to pay for the servers so I had to stop them a couple days ago. And paypal doesn’t work here either, so I can’t even accept donations.

So no not down for good. Only until I figure something out, or maybe next month if I’m able to pay :sleepy:
This is a nightmare for someone like me, but there’s nothing I can do.

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I’m really sorry to hear that! I hope things turn around quickly.

In the meantime, this is such a great resource, I’m sure the Wanikani community would step up to help keep it available. If there’s a way that it could be brought back on line sooner rather than later, it doesn’t hurt to ask or suggest!

Take care.

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Thanks! Will think about what to do and post updates here.

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@CrazyGundam and everyone interested. Want to let you know that because of some generous people donating, Niai is back online for the next few days. I was also finally able to get a friend to help me with setting up a PayPal account for anyone willing to donate to keep the server running, donation button is on the website.