Suggestion regarding separating lessons

So I’ve got a suggestion for how to divide up the lessons. Currently, I find it slightly annoying when one of my lessons contains both vocabulary and radicals, or both radicals and kanji, so I find myself going into my options and changing the number of new items to display in a lesson. For example, if I see a lesson has 4 vocabulary and 1 radical, I’ll go in and change the number of items to 4 so I can just finish the vocab, then change it back so I can tackle radicals another day. Would it be possible to have an option to do something like this automatically?

There is a reodering script you can download that could help you in the meantime that allows you to decide which lessons you take first. So you could put kanji lessons ahead of all vocab ones. You would still probably run into this sometimes when you’re at the end of the kanji

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You should check out seanblue‘s Lesson Filter script:


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