Lesson Batch Sizing Change Suggestion


Lesson batch sizing and the pace at which users go about doing WaniKani is very important for their study routine. Currently, users are able to select the rate at which they do their lessons at, but I am wondering if it can be further broken down?

Here’s the suggestion:

Have a toggle that users can press for alternative lesson batch sizing that is broken down into three types: radicals, kanji, and vocabulary. For example, I would like to learn 5 radicals a day when I receive them, but only 3 kanji characters a day as they become unlocked, and finally 8 vocabulary words a day as they also become unlocked. Having this breakdown would ease the flow and cater to specific needs of the student. This ultimately would create a very dynamic environment as people tend to learn different areas at different rates.

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion,



If you’d like a workaround for now, this script will allow what you want.


I appreciate that as a soft solution, but I do firmly believe that this should be something the vanilla application should offer if able to. Thanks for the reply and the link!


So you want like a simple weighting system where each item has its own quantified weight based on what type of item it is and you want to be able to set a “daily weight limit”?

I don’t think there’s a script that does anything specifically like that, but I really love the idea of an item weight system.


I set my batch size at 3 - and then do something similar to what you are talking about. I do 3 lessons if it is radicals, 1 lesson for kanji and 2 lessons for vocabulary. (So that would be 9 radicals, 3 kanji or 6 vocab per day).

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I do think something like a weight system would be good!

That’s what I currently do now! This would be more of a quality of life change so you do not have to keep reloading a new lesson batch when you finish three in a row!

I think 3 is a good number for my brain - and doesn’t really affect my quality of life. Today I had a mix of 1 kanji, those katakana words and regular vocab words. I think I went with six today. : )


having tools to adapt WK to your workflow would be nice, but alas, WK seems set on having only one way to do things.

so as long as WK doesn’t change its mind and integrate such features, we’re forced to use userscripts if we want any kind of flexibility.

that said, i’m a great fan of seanblue’s lesson reordering script. been using it for over 2 years now, and wouldn’t want to do WK without it.

my current loadout is usually 10 lessons a day, with 2-4 kanji, and the rest vocab. i adjust it so that i keep up with the vocab lessons. and i’ll do any radicals on top of that as they appear. i much prefer mixing the lessons this way rather than having blocks of kanji, then blocks of vocab…


I think this is a very interesting idea, but perhaps not so easy to implement. Using a reorder script would already be useful and then you can decide how much of what you want to do.

What I would like to consider in my app is making lessons selectable so you choose which items and how you learn them.


How do you set your batch size? Do you use a third party app?

On the home page, click on the icon in the upper right corner. Settings → app and then 3rd from the bottom is where you can set it. I think the default was 5?

We’re 3 months into waiting for a summary page but it’s a nice idea for other people to do on another site that isn’t this one.


Thanks ! I see it :slightly_smiling_face:


Believe it or not, but I’m taking mental notes on all of the feedback people are writing on the forums :sweat_smile:

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Being able to toggle the lesson types sounds like a good idea! I usually do all my lessons as soon as they become available but I would like to be able to change the order. When I level up, currently the new lessons start with the new vocabulary from the previous level, then the new radicals, the new kanji and sometimes new vocabulary as well.

However, I would prefer to learn the new radicals and kanji first. Since I tend to do all lessons at once it can take more than an hour to do them. I also look up some extra info in online dictionaries to get more readings, context or look up the meaning in my native language; sometimes I crosscheck the visually similar kanji, add my own notes etc. It does take a while.

So if I want to do my first review of the new radicals and kanji after 4 hours I need to do my lessons as fast as possible. If I could do the radical/kanji lessons first I’d be more relaxed with the vocabulary lessons and able to do those slower and hopefully remember them better.

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I know this is only partially related to the topic, but what’s the main motivation here? I know quite a bit of people do this, but I still haven’t figured out why.

Any of the reorder script variations would give this possibility, but on the flip side, doing vocabulary first makes it so you reinforce the kanji readings and meanings you just learned :slight_smile: .

I agree that it would improve the platform, especially for those of us who are trying to go fast and need to efficiently organize our lessons.

I effectively do what you describe in your post with scripts and Smouldering Durtles and WK would be nearly unusable for me without this possibility.

I firmly believe that lesson reorder and undo should be a built-in feature of the website. Also being able to suspend entries you’re not interested in learning right now.


What if the vocab itself was optional and kept in a separate vocabulary lesson pool? The flow would look like this

  1. You get kanji to Guru
  2. You unlock vocab, added to your vocab lesson pool
  3. You can continue doing radicals and/or kanji reviews and lessons irrespective of the vocab.
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I think the “batteries included” approach is a selling point for WaniKani, the fact that you don’t have to think too hard about what you’re learning in what order. Many people start WaniKani not knowing how to approach this whole kanji thing, letting the website guide you and decide what you should learn and in what order is a great feature early on.

As such I think reordering/blacklisting makes sense as advanced features you have to opt-in once you feel like taking the training wheels off and you feel more confident about your ability to manage your studies. So I think it’s fine to have all vocab unlock by default and let “power users” optionally micromanage things further.

For me the frustrating part about WK is that it absolutely refuses to let you make this step. You’re supposed to leave the training wheels all the way, and eventually they become a hindrance.