Possibility to sort out lessons by radicals/kanji/vocabulary?

I find the way that radicals, vocabulary and kanji are all thrown together during lessons is disorganised and lacks structure. I think many users, myself included, could benefit from an option to learn one group after the other. I know that for me, it would increase efficiency, because being focused on one thing at a time helps me a lot. Items could be categorised during the learning process, then when the review comes, they can all be thrown together to stimulate the brain.

You can go into your settings, and change lesson settings to a less random setting.

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Hello, check WaniKani Lesson Ordering II (obsolete, does not work) out. I use and it works great:

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What you want is already the WaniKani default setting. If you have that WaniKani setting set correctly and disable/remove all reorder scripts you should pretty much get what you want.

You could also easily use [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter to focus on one type of lesson at a time.


I checked and it’s already set correctly, except it wasn’t working. I’ve installed the lesson filter script, however, after another user’s recommendation. Thank you.

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