Lesson Reorder Script

I think I’m mostly looking up the wrong keywords because I can’t find a script that reorders the lessons.

I’m looking for a script that will reorder my lessons to go through the radicals first, then kanji, and lastly vocab instead of teaching me new vocab before more kanji.

Please help me out! よろしくお願い!

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Reorder script should help with that! It sorts reviews and lessons.

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Ah, I have that one, but it didn’t change the order this time. Maybe I have to use it when I first hit a new level for it to work the way I want it to?

I use this one instead of @BigEm’s suggestion.

What I like about this one is that it keeps the order that WK intends for you to learn things but you can specify the number of radicals/kanji/vocab that you want per lesson.

Below is a screenshot of it in action on mine:

Hope this helps!
keep chugging along!


Shouldn’t there just be a panel of toggles and switches you can use to adjust things?

If you check the “sort by type” box, make sure to then tip the scale to the right towards type and not have it be level! That seems to be what makes it work for me

Edit: this thing right here

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Thank you! That’s a cool script, but I don’t really want to keep the intended wanikani order if I understand it right.

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and @Leebo There is that panel, but I didn’t have it downloaded when I started doing the lessons for this level. When I got the lessons for this level, the radicals weren’t front loaded, so some of them I did the next day. Right now my home screen shows that about a third of the kanji are locked and when I hover it says something about working on the radicals. I’m timing locked out of guru-ing the radicals. I have five lessons available but they’re all only vocab.

I’ve heard people say for efficiency/speed runs making wanikani show them all the radicals first and then the kanji and then the vocab in lessons. That’s what I’m going for. I’m not necessarily going for a speed run, but I’d like the order that people talk about.

Am I understanding correctly that I might’ve locked myself out of doing in that order for this level because I didn’t use the script from the start? Or am I misunderstanding or not explaining something well?

Ah, yep, certain kanji unlock after certain radicals, so if some aren’t gurued then some kanji will still be locked. If I’m understanding you correctly, then yes, the reason you don’t have kanji lessons is because you’re limited by the radicals because the script wasn’t used from the get-go. It shouldn’t slow you down that much, but it’s something to keep in mind for your next level.

Did that even address your problem? I hope I’m understanding everything correctly, I’m a bit low on sleep today :sweat_smile:

Yep! Thank you for helping me figure I out I misused the script

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Maybe I’m just not really understanding where the confusion is coming from. If you want to reorder lessons, you have to do it when the lessons are available. If you do the lessons, then there’s nothing left to reorder.

I misunderstood and thought the script would replace the vocab lessons with kanji lessons because I didn’t know about how kanji were locked until today. I get it now so no worries.

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I understand what you are trying to say. The only reason I recommended this script is because I tried the reorder one before myself but found out I did not like it because it messes up the ordering of the vocab.

To respond to your point above, I don’t either. I learn the radicals as soon as they are available. Because you can define how many of each type of lesson you want, it will filter them for you in the order they were intended but with the specific types you indicated. I find this helpful because I am a 10-lessons-a-day acolyte. As such, I can define how many kanji and how many vocab I want in a day. I do a mix usually 4 kanji-6 vocab. I find that this distribution allows me to not level too quickly that I have a huge backlog of vocab waiting.

Anyway, I thought you were going for something like what I am doing, hence my suggestion of @seanblue’s wonderful script. So apologies if I assumed wrong, it seems the reorder script is really what you were looking for. Regardless, the mere fact that you are thinking of ways to better your lessons and reviews is already a step forward.

All the best! Hope to see your golden 60 badge soon!

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Using my Lesson Filter script you could easily remove all kanji and vocab to just do radicals, then remove all vocab to just do kanji, and so on. The “intended WaniKani order” part is for within item type. Meaning if you want to learn some vocab it will always give you the first vocab items WaniKani wants to teach you instead of random ones as you’d get with Reorder Ultimate. If that doesn’t matter to you, there’s little difference between the two scripts for your use case.

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I was trying to arrive at this but guess what seanblue actually got to what I wanted to say.


and @seanblue Oh, thank you! This is actually what I’m looking for. Thank you both so much!!