Typo corrections for kana input

So I just got a new phone and got 3 wrong due to typos because of a slightly different keyboard layout and I’m wondering why we couldn’t implement some quality of life typo checkers for kana input without stretching the bounds of reason. My proposal is not as broad as the current “almost right” considerations for the English “meanings” input but I think qwerty layouts and imprecise typing on phones should be taken into account when accepting answers for kana input.

For example, ‘r’ and ‘t’ being next to each other just made me lose progress on 2 items in one session; 減る and 混ざる、for which my incorrect kana was a hiragana given in the question. Getting marked wrong for this is very frustrating. Like, I get the kanji part right but make a typo on る、surely this kind of thing can be accounted for?

I don’t expect to be given leniency for kanji even though one of my other common screw-ups are the u/i and i/o pairs again due to their proximity. I don’t think I’ve gotten a single kanji wrong in multiple words more than 学 and it has absolutely nothing to do with not knowing this kanji and everything to do with my fat thumbs accidentally typing がき when I’m doing 100+ reviews and want it to take less than 10 years.

I know people just install undo scripts but I don’t really think I should have to; I don’t want an option to redo because I don’t want to abuse it in a moment of frustration with a cursory “yeah but I know that”. But I’m also tired of qwerty layouts and phone reviews screwing me over. I think that taking this near universal layout into account with at least some minor typo checks and maybe instead of acceptance like the meaning review, just a single shake of “check your spelling” or something, should surely be doable. Just my 2c suggestion, it probably won’t get actioned and I’m just shouting into the void, but as a vanilla user this is my biggest gripe with the app. I will say it out loud correctly as I get marked wrong because かき is not the correct reading of 書く even though the く is given in the question, just because of a cramped phone keyboard. Salt.

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Pretty much all of the major apps have an ignore answer function.

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Totally agree with you! Very frustrating indeed.

I would even go so far to say that WK should simply refuse to process the answer if the okurigana don’t match. Like the way it shakes when you enter the wrong kanji reading, it should shake and say that the the kana don’t match… As the site is promoted as a kanji learning tool, I see no harm coming from this.


I acknowledged this in my post, whilst also positing that I don’t actually want an “ignore answer” function so much as a quick double check for obvious typos, because I do not trust myself with second chance options.

Okay… Just was mentioning that ignore is already on most apps, so you didn’t have to lose the progress.

Also just quitting the session and letting the incomplete items automatically reset after 2 hours is a last resort option as well if we’re talking about losing a lot of progress.

I get that you also want a specific feature.

I’ve been putting up with typos for years as a result of my stubbornness but usually I don’t get more than 1 per say 100 items. Getting 3 in 30 made me a bit cross, especially when they are okurigana. I’ll take the hit but I don’t think the vanilla experience should be like this and I don’t think it would be particularly hard to write up a qwerty-friendly kana checker or at least something for okurigana. I’ve gone through to level 30 nearly twice now, both times on mobile phones for reviewing predominantly, and for the entire experience this is the most annoying factor of reviewing on this site for me.

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Just to be clear, you are saying you navigate to the website on your phone to do reviews? You don’t use an app?

Isn’t it all squished and tiny? Maybe it’s gotten better.

I don’t know if comparatively it’s tiny because I’ve always done them this way. It’s about the same size as any text on any web page I’ve looked at. I’ve always done my reviews in a browser, maybe an app would have more functionality, I’ve literally never tried one and afaik there isn’t an official wk app?

I know when I’m reviewing Anki material I sometimes am too lenient on myself for near enough which is why I’ve steered away from apps because they all tend to have the ignore feature as a default.

This is what it looks like, for instance, on Flaming Durtles, which I had to download to get a screenshot since I haven’t done reviews in about a year.

I remember the old app I used presented things larger… But maybe that was just my old phone having lower resolution.

There’s no official app, but most of them include major scripts built in. They let you customize the experience (which I haven’t done). This doesn’t have that kana checking script as far as I can tell, though.

No, I don’t think it does either. I don’t use ignore answer on this app, but I have occasionally quit the session if I’d made a typo early on in the session. Then you can restart immediately, with no progress recorded.

Have you tried fiddling with the size of your keyboard? There might be some customization possible. I don’t think there is any script that shakes on typos on kanji, like 学 you mentioned, but there is the Do You Even Kana script for the desktop browser, that shakes when okurigana doesn’t match. I think there might be a way to get Tampermonkey on mobile, then you could install that one? I’m not sure how to do that, though.

I don’t think WK is ever going to implement spellcheck for readings.

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There is a specific okurigana matcher script

I’ve never used it though, so don’t know if this is something you would find useful.

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