There should be a way to mark answer as typo and repeat

Kinda new user here.
I was super happy that I was going to finally reach level 4 tomorrow and unlock more things to learn and blam - I was doing a review from phone and made a typo by hitting backspace right before hitting enter (thus transforming “old” to “ol”).
This is actually the fourth time this happened for me and it’s always with very easy things (made a similar typo with “six” three times).

I guess there is no way to mark this kanji as known and move forward, right?
Judging from similar topics - there isn’t and the best course of action is to use a TamperMonkey script as prevention for this type of things.

I think there should be an option to mark kanji as known or at least redo last quiz. This isn’t a competitive game but a helpful paid tool for learning japanese. Having to wait another day just to redo something that I already know by heart is very disheartening, breaks the flow of lessons and lowers motivation.

Let’s say I just had to vent a little.


[insert copy-and-paste template answer from wk that completely ignores the complaint]


I feel for you. I’ve made the ‘backspace before hitting enter’ mistake many times, and it really stings because WK can’t distinguish between an honest typo and you not knowing the kanji. Being bumped down a level when you do actually know the meaning feels unjust. I’m now super careful about typing and double checking my answer before hitting enter, but when you’re in a flow or feeling a bit tired those typos can creep in.


When I make a typing mistake, I immediately quit the reviewing window (before pressing enter on the mistake) ; the system will not count it as finished, so you can do it again. I always do my reviews on computer but I guess it’s the same on phones ?


The impression that I’ve gotten over my time here has been that the WK team’s philosophy towards reviews is that they want to be very strict about the timers and level up bottleneck and therefore it doesn’t seem to me this would ever be a feature they would integrate into the base product because it could be abused to level up faster than natural.

My advice to you: it gets to be a lot very quickly, and quite frankly an extra day in the early levels from an accidental backspace can be beneficial in establishing the marathon vs. sprint mindset. Whilst I understand the frustration, I personally just roll with it whenever I make silly mistakes because there will always be more reviews and lessons to be done, why not have another easy one on the pile.


There’s built-in typo detection that will usually allow typos like this, where only a letter or a small number of letters is wrong. However, it isn’t enabled for words of four or fewer letters, if I remember correctly—probably because it would be too lenient and would allow answers that are almost completely different words. (For example, fox and mom have “only” two letters different.)

It would be nice if short words had a modified form of typo detection, for example allowing only single-letter typos, and/or giving a warning instead of a pass. @Mods is this a reasonable feature request?


While we’re at it, some typo detection for readings would also be nice.

It’s very easy to type じ instead of じょ on phone for instance and it’s extremely annoying. I think either having an algorithm to catch typos like this (it’s very unlikely to sincerely confuse じ and じょ), or having the option to manually mark it as typo would be nice to have.

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There has been MANY posts on this issue. Since you’re doing WK on your phone using the browser, here is an alternative to allow you to ‘undo’ your typos.

Since this is the FIRST time I’m linking to another post, I’m not sure it’ll work. If it doesn’t just search for “Flaming Durtle Issue.” Also, if it doesn’t work, can someone tell me how to do it? Thanks.

Flaming Durtle Issue


For this kind of problem I use the Double-Check script.


This has been a lifesaver for me.

One warning with this, is that it’ll allow you to cheat if you get two words mixed up often. If you put in the wrong answer, then realise “hey, actually the answer is the other one”, then you can repeat and answer it correctly.

This isn’t necessarily a good thing, so you need to be careful about that.


I have yet to learn any words that have ぎぃう as the reading instead of ぎょう but I hate making that typo on mobile. I also hate typing Xする verbs as Xするう when I hit enter too quickly and double tap u. My solution to this is to use the tampermonkey undo script on my laptop and the undo option on flaming/smouldering durtles for my phone. For me, the important factor is that getting irrationally angry at typos hinders my learning because it becomes a fight with my emotions instead of about the answer.

There’s a whole spectrum of “how strict do you want to be with spelling and typos and almost-but-not-quite synonyms.” I think Wanikani’s general approach is to err on the strict side because the relaxed side can use userscripts to solve their issue, but I also think an undo button with a “warning: abusing this only hinders your learning so please be careful” would be nice. But it also feels like right now with the strict approach we just get complaints about how xyz should have been accepted, and if there’s an undo button we’ll be trading that for “I used undo button to get a perfect score on wanikani and now I can’t read anything” posts.


OP here. Thanks for all the tips and kind words.
I’m very happy to say that WaniKani leveled me up anyway, so my frustration was a bit unfounded.

Anyway, I’m just going to use the TamperMonkey script from now on.


Hey mbrubeck! I think this is a valid request, although I don’t think we will be tackling this soon, as the concerns you mentioned in your post are the concerns we have when we made the algorithm, as fox and mom are definitely completely different words.

I think a potential solution on the individual level would be to add the mistake as a user synonym, so if you make the typo again, you’ll be able to have that answer be marked as correct. As an example, adding ‘ol’ as a user synonym for ‘old’ so if you miss the last letter, it won’t be marked incorrect.

-Nick at WK

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Wait, I’m confused. If your original concerns are STILL valid, then this wouldn’t be a valid request. If this IS a valid request, then shouldn’t you re-evaluate your original concerns?

I’m not a programmer (at least not in the stuff you use here), but it seems like this wouldn’t be a difficult change to make…unless I’m WRONG…sorry :blush:


Yup. I agree with you…

And an “Insta-burn” button for those vocabulary items that you already know (note I only mention vocab because the tool is meant to make sure you learn the Kanji).

That would surely speed up the learning process making it a lot more efficient :+1:t2:


This works as long as you haven’t gotten the same review right, by the way.
WK doesn’t store your level downs until you’ve gotten them right (because if you get them wrong again, the level down is harsher).

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Translation: “This is a valid request, but we won’t implement it because we don’t use valid reasoning when we develop new features.”


It reads more to me like: “My personal views on this see where you’re coming from, but due to how much this has been discussed already and therefore how strongly the collective team has settled on their current decision, it would be better for you to find a workaround that works for you.”

In my opinion, a big reason WaniKani will not likely be implementing a native way to fix mistakes is because by just having it available, it becomes likely to be abused by people who think their mistake wasn’t a mistake when it actually was. It becomes a slippery slope.

For example:

User used a word that’s an English synonym for the meaning.
“That’s basically the same thing, I’ll go back and mark it correct.”
Two levels later, the user learns a new kanji/vocab that has their earlier synonym as a meaning.
They now struggle to differentiate these words and it’s become difficult to unlearn that.

The last line in my contrived example is the gist of my point. WaniKani doesn’t want you to be doing any unlearning, and it also doesn’t want to put you out into the wild with the perspective that a typo is okay. A typo is still wrong, whether you knew the answer or not. And having to do a little more practice because you were careless reinforces to you that it’s important that you don’t continue to make such careless mistakes in the future.


It would have been true had wanikani had not allowed using their api for scripts.
Lots of people use the undo option as an add on script or in a third party app, so I doubt they really care about those aspects. It‘s not like the ones that use scripts and lets say learned a lot of wrong things or didn‘t learn just cheated their way up to 60 (exaggerated worst case scenario) will say when they‘re being asked where did they learn that mistake “I learned it on WaniKani but I used the undo button/ a script and WaniKani are not libeled for it” they’ll just say “I learned it on WaniKani”, so either way it reflects on their brand.
I can only see legal issues as a possible reason they can’t use those scripts as their own, like maybe it’s the only option and it would cost them too much to pay those users? no idea.
I doubt I will ever find out the reason behind this.