Set Time Format

How do I set the time format to twenty four hour time on the app? Is it possible? My system time is twenty four hour time, but it won’t do this.

What app? Do you mean Tsurukame or Flaming Durtles? Or are you talking about WK generally?

The website

What do you want 24-hour time for? There are userscripts to change the time bar (or whatever it’s called) to twenty-four hour time.

What do you mean, what do you want it for? If you’re used to 24h time, it’s nice to have the option. Right now on the new ‘vanilla’ dashboard times are displayed in 12h format. Nothing to do with scripts.


I think I’ll suggest it.

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Sounds good! I also prefer 24h format!

Thanks for the suggestion! It seems like it’d be nice to have the option for users who don’t use AM/PM time. We’ll discuss this at our next meeting. :smile:


Another user created a script for this purpose. Check it out here!


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