Study Buddy (intermediate-ish)

Took Japanese for 3 years at university, forget essentially every kanji learned, so retrying on here before starting a teaching job through JET.

Want someone to help practice grammar and actually speaking/texting outside of the sterile Genki guided conversations I’m so used to.

If anyone wants to try to set-up some kind of chats, feel free to ask for social media (snap, insta, whatsapp) so we can start on conversation.

私は日本に1年間住んでいます。 (私も韓国に1年住んでいます。韓国語を勉強したい人もいれば)


Hey I wouldn’t mind talking on Whatsapp. Not sure how to get info across safely, though. DM on insta, maybe? Is that a thing? I’m @saidawhatwhat on there.



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