Looking for a Genki 1 study group

I know there are a lot of these posts but it seems like they are all from too long ago / not accepting more people. I would love to join a study group of motivated learners going through Genki 1 at a fast-ish pace. Maybe a lesson a week? I don’t know if that’s practical. If it is a smaller group too that would be a bonus for me. If you have a group like that please let me know! I understand if you don’t want to send an invite link in this forum to avoid a surge of people joining so if you would rather you can dm me on Discord at “Nolan#7574”. If no one contacts me I might consider forming one but I am not much of an organizer or leader so we’ll see lol.

edit: should probably mention i am in lesson 4 right now


Could be keen. What’s your time zone and when?

I’m in the Eastern US. And idk, I haven’t given it any thought yet but am free a lot of the time most days so I’m flexible.

I am also eastern US timezone, I just started genki 1 though :confused: I would still like to join a study group for it though, think it’ll really motivate me

I’d love to join! I’m good at organizing too so

I’d possibly be interested (East coast as well). I really need to work on vocab and grammar!

I might join.

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