Absolute Beginner - Study Buddies

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure there are a lot of threads already open for this but difficult to sort through them. I started learning Japanese a few weeks ago and I’m on Level 2. Looking for other absolute newbies who want to practice together or keep each other motivated! :smiling_face:
I’ve also just started Genki 1 and I’m using JapanesePod 101 as well as a weekly lesson with a Tutor.

Happy to What’sapp or talk on whichever Forum! Study buddies unite!! :slight_smile:


I like to think of everyone here as a “study buddy.” But in terms of actually learning together, since everyone learns at their own pace, I believe it’s much better to focus on the journey yourself. If you do study with someone else, if someone gets ahead or falls behind, you may end up in a scenario where the other person compares themselves to the other and feels guilty for not being at the same level. That’s just my two cents


So true! Totally get that everyone moves at a different pace. Was more looking to connect with people at the same level so we have similar things to practice! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

ngl I still feel like an absolute beginner at times :sob:


Lol good to know the road ahead is very long hehe :smile:

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Hi @gabzhasdell,
I would love to have someone to study and practice with, I’m at level 5 and got Genki I but barely started. Besides WK I am doing the Genki I deck on jpdb.io and watching the Absolute Beginner grammar YT videos on Japanese Ammo with Misa. I hang at the jpdb.io discord, we could chat over there.


How is Genki 1? I have access to it but I haven’t really looked at it yet, I’ve looked a little bit at Tae Kim & CureDolly for grammar.

I also did a few lessons on iTalki but I felt that I was too much of a beginner and I worried that I wasn’t going to get the value for the money I was spending.

A study buddy does sound like a good idea for sure :slight_smile: .


I haven’t checked out jpdb.io but will give it a go and yes would love to - I don’t really use Discord so not sure how to join a server or find anyone on there lol? What do i do? Do i need an invite? :smiley:

I’ve only just started Genki 1 but i think its really great. Definitely feels like i’m getting a lot out of it and the structure makes a lot of sense, more so than some of the other video type courses i’ve been doing. I’m down to hop on any medium that works for you to share tips and practice? :smiley:

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We could use any medium you want, doesn’t need to be discord, I am a discord noob myself btw. If you want to hop on it, though, the link is this jpdb.io official (you can find it on the jpdb.io “contact us” page). Once you enter it you can find me and send a message, my nick is Hoynk. @Lewby, please feel free to join too!

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Awesome! Just joined the server - Will reach out to you there!


If both of you are still journeying together, would it be alright for me to join? I’m also on discord :high_touch:

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