Japanese Study Whatsapp group

Hey everyone. I have a Japanese Whatsapp group where we can study together and practise our japanese. We are mostly beginners but we have a few experienced people to.
Here is the link you have to klick while your on your phone to join the group:

This is the link to the pre-group where i can get to know you before i add you to the actuall group to prevent trolls.

Feel free to join!

What exactly does the group do? Is there a main focus or is it pretty much everyone chats and occasionally asks questions?

Yeah thats pretty much it. We all try to study and practise together. Everyone can have their own focus and we can talk about our different study methods and learn from each other.

yeah its a bit annoying but if anyone contacts you that you dont want you can just block them. Thats always worked in the past for me.

There is a genki study group with discord. I’ll be going through the whole book in October and November. So I’ll be around a lot to answer questions.

Whats the link? I am looking to revise over some N4 for the notes I am writing

I joined :slight_smile:

There’s a link in the first post.

Can you join if you don’t have a phone?

And which city /country are you guys based?

Just wondering in respect to time zones etc

Please share the link again

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