Struggling to find a balance with the Double Check userscript

I’ve been using the Double Check userscript and it’s at the same time a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I will never rank down my SRS over silly typos. But on the other hand, it’s been hard for me not use on other occasions when I probably should not be using to give myself an unfair advantage over the SRS.

I’d like to hear how other people use it. Do you use strictly to retry on typos? Maybe when you get the kun’yomi or on’yomi readings mixed up? Or you just forgot about a rendaku in a vocabulary? When you just confused a kanji for another because you are going a little too fast?

I think I’ve been doing all of the above, and sometimes even when I just feel like I’m this :pinching_hand: close to remember what was the correct answer.

I definitely don’t to have to disable this, because I do legitimately get a lot of silly typos, so I hope with this thread I can more or less gauge what’s more acceptable and what’s basically cheating the system.

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Typos - yes. Hard to type 100% correctly on my phone.
Kun / On - no, but the my Flaming Durtles app is set to just do the shaky thing if I get the wrong one for kanji. Vocab you of course should have to get the correct reading.
Rendaku - no. It means I’ve pronounced the word wrong.
Confused the kanji - sometimes. Occassionally when I’m tired I forget to look at it properly. In these cases only, when it was an attention lapse rather than memory.

My main determinant is, if I had just said this to someone (rather than typing into an app), would they have understood me. So that forces me to be strict with the Double Check.


I use it 100% for typos. I did give myself a little bit of slack earlier on, but once I stopped caring about being as close to 100% as possible on wkstats, I’ve stopped that habit. Also, sometimes this :pinching_hand: close isn’t close enough. Classic beginner example is the difference between 可愛い and 怖い. You get it just a little bit off, and it’s not at all what you meant. (I’m not sure how often this type of thing can happen, but I’m sure there are other cases)

I just hold the belief that if I got something wrong and I really knew it and was just being stupid then I’ll just get it right next time around. If I’m going too quick and misread it, then it’s probably because I woke up late and am rushing. That’s my fault as well. :sweat_smile:

Personally, I go for full script abuse and correct literally everything.

I usually have a high retention rate (98-99% on apprentice 5 reviews) and the “shock” of answering a review incorrectly is usually enough to improve retention. If I get a lot wrong in a review session (>5%), I tend to write it down so I can repeat it a bit at a later point in time.

I combine this with KaniWani for guru’d items, which is usually enough to easily get me through to enlightened reviews. Since I know that no items will be set back and repeated, I can enjoy 100% stress free reviews.

While I definitely wouldn’t recommend this method for everyone, I do would recommend to not think of correcting your mistakes as “cheating”. Your main objective is to get a high amount of kanji and vocab in your long term memory, but you’ll still need to further reinforce this long-term memory through other activities like reading anyway, so it’s not a big deal if some items are a bit less well-remembered compared to others. As long as you’re managing to remember stuff for reasonably long periods of time, you should be fine!

For me it depends on the level of the item and my history with the item. If it’s in the middle stages of guru and I forget a rendaku or expect one where there isn’t. I will repeat the correct answer a few times and let it pass. As long as I can quickly come up with the correct answer for things like misrecognizing a character I’ll let those slide as well. If I make the same mistake the next time it comes up I’ll fail it. I’m more strict with this the higher the item gets and I won’t let those kinds of mistakes slide on an item I’m about to burn.

I’ve found this to work for me pretty well. Sometimes I don’t have anymore issues an item, sometimes I make the same mistake and fail it. I’d recommend keeping a rough track of how many items you have recurring issues with compared to ones that you get correct the next time to see how it works for you. As long as you’re honest with yourself and make sure to not let anything other than pure typos slide on burns it should be fine.

I use it on typos. I also mark myself wrong when the WK typo acceptance algorithm marked it right when I was clearly wrong.

Strictly for typos and only on my phone through Tsurukame. Anytime I do reviews on my laptop, it’s with zero scripts.

More recently though, say around level 45, I’ve also been using it to skip some of the WK radicals that have become less useful to me as I’ve learned more Kanji. This is really only for radicals that are Kanji and in which I identify more with the Kanji than the radical at this point.

Outside of that though, I make it a point to be disciplined with its use. The point is to learn Kanji and using it in any way other than what I’ve said above is only really hurting myself.

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If I “cheated” on the Burn review, I always hit Backspace once more and intentionally fail such item.

I will start to use this double check, I suck at typing and severals times I know the kanji but type wrong and hit enter causing a mistake

I just want to configure it for typos, where do I set it?

Also, many radicals from early levels I keep forgetting but I know them on kanji and vocab, So I guess this would add to the pile for next reviews. How do I remove them as well?

I honestly have no idea. Like I mentioned, I only use the Tsurukame app and no scripts on web.

Your best bet is to check the thread for it: