That's Embarrassing

The momement when my English is so bad, My Japanese is getting penalized for it…


If you have errors like this constantly, I recommend the double check script :^), just be careful to not use it to redo a clearly wrong answer (like face for 本 or something lol)

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Yeah I would definitely be careful with that script…

Before my reset, I abused that script a bit when I mixed up things that were similar, but distinct, and it hurt my learning. I don’t use it anymore for that reason.

Aye, it’s easy to abuse. One way to avoid that is to say out loud the meaning and reading on every review item and then intentionally fail the next review if you miss either.


What I do sometimes if I make a Typo is I’d exit out of the window. Which makes me have to redo most of the test which isn’t fun… but I can’t seem to get this Double check add on to work on Safari… Maybe it’s time I upgrade to Firefox.

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I think you’re just pointing out a comical example of this type of error, but I’d hesitate to install double-check for this sort of thing.

It’s mildly annoying to have something marked incorrect due to a typo or whatever, but I personally fight any inclination to “fix” mistakes for any reason. I try not to worry overly about it. At most, the penalty is a couple more “unnecessary” reviews. The word is in quotes because I’m unconvinced extra reviews are ever a bad thing: I’ve got a bunch of stuff in my burn pile that would benefit from a few more “unnecessary” reviews.

Worst case, it costs you five more months or so to burn everything. I suspect most users just want to get to 60 anyway, and have little interest in burning everything, so who cares?

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