Starting over

You will defintely remember A LOT of readings and meanings. I experienced that when slaying my 1700+ reviews. It really showed to me that wanikani works in the long run. You will get to the point eventually that you don’t have to actively remember the mnemonics anymore.

I finished FF9 about half a year ago as my first FF on my PS2. It was really worth it and the last boss fight was pretty close and epic!

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Never let your apprentice item count go over 100. Only add new items bit by bit when it falls below 100. As long as you get a high correct answer percentage you can complete two levels per month in theory. This isn’t as impressive as those clever cookies who reach level 60 in minimum time but as long as you’re learning the info it’s time well spent.

Keep track of your leeches.

Reading practice is important to reinforce what you’re learning. At the moment I’ve set myself the task of translating one customer review from Japanese Amazon per day. It’s kind of fun and it’s really cool seeing things that you learn on WK appear “in the wild”.

Have fun. There’s nothing like enthusiasm to keep you motivated.

Good luck!


I just took a quick 5 day break and leveled up, I had no trouble with the new lessons and reviews. Even without needing the mnemonics! That felt really good, I feel like I am back on track :smile: even at level 5…

Glad you liked FF IX, did you play other ones? Because I think it’s always harder to like older games if you know what I mean??


See I read ppl talking about translating the Amazon reviews and thought it was a joke! But I will try and see how far I come.

I try not to be too hasty this time around, but I feel like these first levels will ruin me,
And will come back to haunt me as I will be struggling with level 15 to 20 haha

Good luck to you too!


It is a joke lol

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Yes, I played 7, 8 and 10 also. I like all of them very much. They are a big part of my childhood! I actually finished 7 before 9 and got close to the end in 10. I accidentally overwrote my save file from 8 once, so I don’t remember where I was there.

Not sure I get what you mean by liking older games is harder. Since I played them in my childhood I still love the graphics to this day. I was surprised to find out that 9 is on smartphones nowadays, I imagine it is a different gaming experience compared to sitting in front of a PS2.

:see_no_evil: that’s how gullible I am
I should have stayed team guppie…

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Sorry I was on my phone yesterday and didn’t feel like typing a whole story :innocent:
I did mean the graphics and maybe the story being more intimate and not as flashy as the later games are.
But you played more of those games, so you are used to the pixels and textbased story (I love a good story, it makes all the difference!)

Any tips on other games to play? I am now on Atelier Lydie and Suelle, which is kinda cool as they kept it in japanese (normally I do switch to the English voices, sue me) and it makes me realize I understand more than I thought I would (of very informal japanese hahah).

This is such an interesting choice of reading material. :joy: It’s cool if you’re having fun with it but wouldn’t books or manga or Japanese twitter etc etc be far more enjoyable than Amazon reviews? Not hating or anything, just genuine curiosity. :see_no_evil:

Ideally yes but I don’t really know where to start with manga. I was never that into comics anyway, Books are a bit too dense at the moment.

The reviews are always about something that I have or am generally interested in. They usually consist of about 5 - 10 sentences… and they’re free.

I plan on checking out twitter. Do you have any recommendations?

No worries. I was checking out the DanMachi Memoria Freese mobile game and the Bang dream mobile game. They both have japanese voice over with english subtitles. Both are rather story heavy next to the core gameplay. Not sure if you like the gameplay or affiliated manga/animes, though. I only played them for about a day as I got the feeling that both games are too cumbersome for me. You definitely need to grind them.

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