To reset or not is the question


Basically i started studying japanese at the same time as i started wanikani. Now about 3 years in I’ve had a few irregularities in my consistency using this app. A year break and now a 6 month break. I’m considering reseting back to very low level and making sure i know everything very thoroughly. Although now my speaking and reading and grammar are all great i just am unsure what to do. Is anyone else in a similar position or had one like this?


The kanji is still somewhere there in your brain, you can do it


It is a tough decision. I ended up taking a two year break from WaniKani, because I left Japan. I decided to reset after picking it up again because I knew the refresh would be better than struggling with a bazillion reviews. I was only at level 14 though… 40 is a different story. It will take quite a long time to get back to where you are now. It will probably feel easy for a long time if you reset, but it could also be boring which makes it less interesting to do and stick to. You can always try continuing from where you are now, and resetting if it seems too overwhelming or difficult. Good luck to you!


It’s not all or nothing, I believe you can reset back to a certain level, so if you MUST reset, maybe you could go back through the kanji list, and see where they aren’t super easy for you.


I’m actually in japan now. I’ve lived here for about a year all up and ive been came here traveling 5 times. I don’t even use english anymore but i feel a like i want to master wanikanis content properly and i think consistency is important, which i don’t have at the moment. I’m working through tobira currently. But just i felt like the burns i got sometimes were just me guessing based on onyomi not actually knowing them and all the things like transitive and other grammar things i had no idea of when i first started.


The way I see it, WK is a fraction of your studies. If you read, youll be forced to use the kanji you may have forgotten anyways, and it will force it to be recalled in your mind. One way or another, you will need to master the content on here eventually, but by resetting back to a low level you will waste time reviewing plenty of content you already know.

In my opinion, the more efficient option would be to proceed forward and fill in the gaps as you come across them.


Besides any resetting you do, you can also unburn things. Perhaps any time you encounter a kanji/word you don’t remember but had previously burned, you should unburn it so you can do reviews for it again.


I’m for resetting.

It took a lot to swallow my pride & I didn’t know where to go so I just reset back to the very beginning. Sure it’s a big hill to climb back up but I think its fine. And it’s more like you already know all the lessons so it’s really just like reviewing burns anyways… and it gets you back into that habit of doing reviews all the time which is the structure it sounds like you’re looking for.

Its just as much hard work resetting as it is to power through it & sure it’ll take a long time either way.

FYI i reset from… a few levels later than where you’re at lol…


There’s no limit to how many times you reset, so I recommend resetting but not to a ‘very low level’ immediately. You can always downgrade if it’s still too difficult.

My experience: I was on level 8 and took a 1.5 year break, then reset to level 7, found that it was still too hard, and reset to level 4. I know I’m a lot lower than you, but I think my experience still applies. I’m really glad I reset, because now I know my basics very well and my accuracy went from 87% to 99%. I had a hard time getting back into Wanikani, but it became easy once I reset. However – I’m also glad I didn’t restart from the very beginning.


If it were me I would only unburn the stuff I might have forgotten and then work my way through the backlog. No sense in spending another year to get back to level 40


I want to reset just so I can use the Google Docs thingy and follow my progress because I didn’t do it last time and now I’m full of regrets. However, I’m also very lazy…


I have been debating resetting because I have many leeches from not maying attention to my lessons like I should. However, according to a leech detector script, I have leeches all the way back from level 2. I may not reset, but for some reason, I find doing WK lessons infinitely easier than Anki or looking through a list or anything else of the sort.

Eh, I don’t know XD I am in the “I have to find out what im doing with my life” phase (due to taking the ACT, counselor trying to shove scholarships down our throats, etc.)


Update (though its not important XD): I am going to reset back to level one, probably today. I have hardly been able to do reviews what with them all being leeches, and it’s so dang hard for me to attempt to use Anki or to study them myself. Lessons are so much easier.


I think if I were to ever reset, I would do it in stages. No harm im resetting maybe 5 or 10 levels back first, then having a look at how it goes. You can still reset back all the way to level 1 a bit later if you feel like it.
But that’s just me, I would not want to regert that I reset too far back and have to wait for so long until I get back to where I was. But you’ll know best what works for you.


I was thinking of resetting back to the level with the most leeches, but that’s level 5 XD

I really really wish it was possible to simply “un learn” vocab that isnt burned, so I could re learn it.


Woah, dedication! It sounds like your mind is made up, so I will just wish you all the best for your reset! :purple_heart:

Although maybe reset to level 4 or 5?! I just feel like the first three levels must be so tedious to do again… Then again, maybe nice to have a clean slate.


I didn’t consider how slow the first 3 levels were, but considering I have to take the ACT on Tuesday (so prep prep prep this whole long Easter weekend) I suppose it’ll work out. Plus, that way I can actually start doing Bunpro or Kaniwani


It takes time and dedication to get where you are already. I imagine you’ve already given it some though, but I’ll echo the others here. If you reset, do it in stages. Plus, mnemonic are always there in reviews.


See you at the bottom! I’m resetting also on April 1.


I have an almost equal amount of leeches in every level, except 1 (with 0) and 2 (with 1). If I did it in increments, it would probably just prolong the inevitable (and make me lose more time, seeing as how I’d spend it going up levels, before going even further down.)

Ooh, have fun? I’m not entirely sure what the correct response to seeing a level 60 go to level 1 is XD