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Hi! I’m looking for something similar to wanikani but instead of words being shown to you, it just
plays the audio first. I want to drill myself in recognizing the words by hearing them. I know this could be somewhat difficult because some words might have similar readings but different meanings. Any suggestions.

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Perhaps, KaniWani with some modifications? (Like editing this UserScript – KaniWani Audio - #10 by rymek)

Otherwise, some websites with audio segment shadowing.

It’s better to hear in context, anyway. So,

Vocabularies are in /resources/**/data.ndjson of "word_base_list" key, and sounds are in "sound" (URL can be figured out from the UserScript in the first post of the topic). So perhaps, ensure that you know all of the words in the "sentence" first.

Otherwise, getting other series’ subtitle (transcript) files and their audio, should be possible. YouTube (some of them has native JP sub) is also technically possible.

Perhaps something like this for WaniKani? May interfere with Reading recall, though. (Press “Raw” to install.)

Memrise offers “audio review” mode.

Personally, I use Anki for audio based reviews and I do sentences rather than single words. Here is a nice anki audio setup in case you want to try it out. (I made my anki setup similar to this one ^^).

Apart from that, maybe the following thread has some additional tips for you:

Anyways, good luck with your studies :four_leaf_clover:

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