KaniWani Audio

I was wondering whether anybody knows of a script that enables audio in KaniWani. I saw that there used to be a script for it before, ([Userscript] KaniWani audio) but it doesn’t seem to work now anymore.


I think no one ended up fixing that situation unfortunately.

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I tried it for a short while and failed. Now I stopped using KaniWani and haven’t tried again.

The problem was, as far as I remember, that the old userscript relied on a version of the WaniKani audio files that was downloaded to Amazon S3. This was necessary since the WK audio is not a part of the official API. I could not get those link to work anymore, maybe they have been removed or I was doing something incorrectly.

Since WK still doesn’t offer audio via the API (afaik), I think there might be no 100% OK way to do this. :-/ Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

I believe they said the update coming Monday will have audio info. So perhaps KaniWani will start including them. Or at least, one of us scripters will take care of it.

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Oh, that would be nice. I think if that was finally available and if, ideally :innocent: the super awesome Open Framework also supported getting the audio files then that should be comparably easy to get working again. :+1:

(I’m still not starting KW again but I’m happy to hear that this problem might get resolved for others because I remember that losing the audio was a bit of a bummer for me; I always like the combination of reading and audio)

I’ve got a love-hate with it myself. The fact many of the English as so similar, yet want a specific Japanese, leads to many incorrects (which yeah, you can ‘oops’, but still. annoying.
And I just in general seem to do really terrible for whatever reason. These E-Js just don’t stick.
Been debating on continuing (only started mid-last year maybe, and not caught up to where I am an WK by any means), or just leaving in behind and giving more focus to Core 10k.

Exactly. And I had to add sooo many synonyms in WaniKani to clarify which version of the word KW expected.
It was just too time consuming and frustrating.

Yup, that is what I did. In general, I abandon everything that is draining and annoying and instead focus on stuff that is fun and easy to do. Any Anki deck that just drains the life out of me is either deleted or I just move it as a sub deck to a deck that I call “always pass” and I never fail those cards. I’m still exposed to them but I can move on to other things that I enjoy more. It is also why I do WaniKani reviews with the Anki mode script: quantity and fun (which also leads to quantity) over quality.

I hope to prevent burn out and procrastination that way. I already have enough stress in my life as it is, I don’t need to pile more on top. WK is already stressful enough but so useful that it is still worth it. KaniWani crossed the line for me. I’d rather spend that time consuming content and enforcing what I learn on WK.

Somebody made it and it’s working, audio only play on success but you can add “playAudio();” on a new line after line 237 in the script and it will auto play audio on loading each question

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Here’s the true solution folks, thanks surf.

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I modified this script so you don’t have to.
KaniWani audio (greasyfork.org)

:joy: here come the hero’s 8-12 months later