Vocabulary words sound recognition

In my experience learning kanji with WaniKani I’ve found out that most times when reading a mastered kanji/vocabulary word I instantly recall its meaning. If I want to read it out loud, then it takes me a little bit longer. If I want to think about it’s constituent parts than it takes me even longer. Sometimes it is the other way round - I think that happens mostly when I knew the word before learning it’s corresponding kanji writing.

The thing is WaniKani trains us to to recognize Kanji and it does a superb job at that. But if I were to listen to those words, or worse, if I were to read them in hiragana, I’m not sure I could recognize them.

Is there some kind of way to complement WaniKani to practice recognition of WaniKani’s vocabulary words by listening?

I intend to play the original Pokemon game on the gameboy, which is all written in kana. I’m afraid I won’t be able to recognize the words I learnt on WaniKani then.

Is there any userscript that drills the vocab words hiding the Kanji?

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This script changes extra study sessions to Audio ⇒ Meaning questions:

It also works for custom self study sessions created with Reorder Omega.

Alternatively, Self-Study Quiz also supports Audio ⇒ Meaning questions as far as I know.


That’s incredible. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much! I was considering having a look at the WaniKani SDK to make my own webapp.

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