Simplified import process for the Kanji Study app

Hey all,

This is about this app: Japanese Kanji Study - Apps on Google Play
While going through the related topics, I realized that the importing methods detailed (by users who use this app) to import into the app are overly complicated or otherwise imperfect.

Here is a significantly simpler process:

  1. Download this and save as txt.
  2. Create a Custom Set in the app.
  3. Click on the Set you just created.
  4. Click on the +.
  5. Select import from file.
  6. Select the downloaded file.
  7. Party rock is in the house tonight.

The export is dated 07/12/22. Any changes that Wanikani makes from that date onwards will obviously not be reflected in the file. If you keep track of the changes to the system in the relevant files, it’s child’s play to make the minor adjustments in the app, if you choose to do so.


A recent update to the Kanji Study app has added both SRS as well as the ability to pick a Custom Set as the order of the Kanji. This means you can have an identical order to WK (broken by levels) in the KS app, and get writing practice, all within an SRS.

Thank you for this input, I just downloaded the (android) app but I did not found any SRS review feature on it (maybe I missed something).

According to this reddit thread, SRS was still not available 8 months ago and I did not find any SRS mention in the release notes of the app.

In the app FAQ, it is said that SRS adding was planned in 2020 :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Maybe SRS is only available after upgrading to premium?

Perhaps it’s a good idea for me to clarify why I suggest KS in general:
KS is a great substitute for Skritter, because Skritter uses an unjustifiably expensive service for Kanji-writing ($100/year). KS, on the other hand, follows a one-time payment model that works out to be considerably cheaper (around $30 to unlock Premium and SRS, iirc).

SRS is currently in open Beta on KS. What that means is that, on the Play Store page, you need to go to the bottom and join the Beta. A few minutes later, you’ll be enrolled in it and be able to update the app to the Beta build. Based on the creator’s Twitter feed, SRS should be rolling out to the stable build soon.

Thank you so much! I tried the beta version and I must say that I am very impressed by this app. I will use it a couple of days to figure out whether I should upgrade or not.

I am also curious about the way you are using it along with Wanikani. Do you use it only for learning the kanji writing (with kanji prompted in the same order as in wanikani)? Or do you use all the quiz possibilities (review meaning, reading, etc)? In the latter case, differences between wanikani and the app in terms of kanji reading/meaning may be difficult to handle, isn’t it?

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I definitely only use it for writing.
Learning Kanji is hard enough without adding more confusing materials.

Yesterday I finished importing all the Kanji per level manually, like it was explained in the older threads. I think in total it took me around 10 hours to do this… having to search for each Kanji manually in the list. Because the scraping method wasn’t perfect, somehow it still missed a couple of Kanji, I’ll try it again with your method, thanks so much for posting this.

I recently made a post about this app, it’s so, SO crazy good. Surprised that not many people seem to use it, I also didn’t get any responses on my post.

I also bought those 30.000 Kanji example sentences which I can also really recommend, great way to practice Kanji reading.

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So I just did it your way and it took me like 10 seconds to import everything :wink:
I just activated the Beta and on Google Store it says I have joined the Beta, but the app didn’t update.
Can you tell me where I can see if SRS is activated? I don’t see it anywhere…

I just went hunting for your post and found it. Weird that it got no responses.

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If you see this cute little fella on your screen, tou have the SRS update.

If you don’t, wait a few minutes and expect an update. Make sure you really are enrolled in the Beta.

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Ah, despite the ‘you’re in Beta’ message it took 10 minutes before the update actually arrived :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the spamming, but I don’t see the option to select a custom set for the srs, could you tell me where I can select that?

No worries.


Thank you. This is so awesome.

I want to keep shouting on this forum how great and wonderfull addition to WK this app is. Maybe it has too much features for it’s own good, when I started with WK and checked most available Kanji apps I kind of skipped this one because I was overwhelmed with all the features.

One thing I would really like to have is importing all the mnemonics from WK too, but not sure if that would cause some legal issues. I’ll mail the WK staff how they think about this one.

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It was the same for me.

Well, the mnemonics are protected by copyright, so it’s likely not a good idea.

It really is, but this forum is, on the whole, less interested in writing.

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I’m curious: what did you decide to do?

I really liked this App, especially the drawing system: I really appreciate seeing the curves drawn by myself during the reviews.

I have been using KanjiTree App for a while. It also has a very nice drawing system and custom kanji set creation capabilities (pro version). But unfortunately it has no SRS, which is truly missing.

I decided to upgrade, I have not done it yet but I will do it very soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally really enjoy writing kanji on my phone with a touch pen while commuting to work :grinning:

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Thank you so much for going through the trouble of doing this!

I’ve been using this app for years (mostly for things like learning and memorizing how to write hiragana and katakana) and before I discovered Wanikani it was how I was trying to learn kanji (just by blunt flashcard memorization lol) but I thought it would be amazing to practice writing kanji in the Wanikani sequence. I had started making the sets myself some months ago but only got to level 11 because I was lazy, so this is such a godsend.

Also I did not realize that bro added SRS to his app. I’ve supported this app with almost every paid upgrade because I think it’s awesome and I use it every day to look up random words and for the graded reading sets.

Anyway, really just wanted to express my gratitude and am glad that others like this app :relieved:


You might want to check out Ringotan also. I learned about that one yesterday and pure for learning how to write Kanji I think I prefer it for that purpose.

It has SRS and Kanji in the WK order and the UI is so simple that I constantly open the app and so some quick lessons or reviews when I have a couple of minutes to spare.

Then when I have more time I do the ‘study’ option in KS to practice Kanji writing which I’ve already learned.

Love the graded reading sets too btw! It was $50,- but so worth it :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!
I already use and love this app.
But when I created my WK custom set a while ago, I had to import 60 different files, one for each level, and like @Warrie said before, it took ages.

I also would like to really thank @Warrie for his thread 60 - That was a hectic year that got me here.

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